Building a portfolio is an excellent way to establish an online presence for yourself. Whether your a designer, photographer, fashion designer, or whatever it may be, a portfolio allows you to show your work and make an impression. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to build a portfolio online and not everyone wants to spend a fortune for someone to make a portfolio for them. This is where a new service called, Carbonmade, can help you. Carbonmade allows you to make a very nice looking and functional portfolio in no time. I have always kept an eye out for a portfolio service such as Carbonmade, but a lot of them are too complicated, not customizable enough, and just don’t seem to be what I have been looking for. So I gave Carbonmade a try and found it amazingly easy to make a portfolio that was presentable.

Above is an example portfolio. The portfolio has the default style for Carbonmade portfolios selected, which is a very simple style presenting all your work in a clean format. The other style is just the opposite color scheme, but same layout. It would be nice to have more templates, but I’m satisfied with what has been given. Each account gets their own sub-domain address ( in which you can begin adding projects and content to. If you take a look at the above screenshot, you will see that it actually works much like a photo gallery service. You select a project and then you can view each image in the project using next and previous navigation. You also can view more information about a project by clicking on the bar above the image being shown. Lastly, when on the main page, you will see categories on the right that you can select to narrow the selection of projects to what you are looking for. Very basic, simple, and straight to the point (your work).

Carbonmade has made it very easy for you to get in and start working on a portfolio in a matter of seconds. When you first signup, you will need to click on the button, “Add a Project.” (Note: at the time of writing this, only six projects are allowed to be added because Carbonmade is still working out some things. But the service will eventually take away the limit once they are done working on it.) Once you start a project, you will be asked to upload a first image. After this, you will then be able to fill in information about the project and additional images for the slideshow. The project management area was very well done and uses Ajax to help speed up the saving process. You will also see that you can actually drag each image in the project to change the order of each image. Fill in the basic information and that is all to it for that project. Continue and start another!

You have added a few projects, descriptions, and images. Now you may want to change some of the portfolios appearance. The first thing that you may want to do is to navigate to the main page and change the order of your projects. You will notice that all the project boxes are draggable and you can actually place them where you want. Now that you’ve got that set, lets change the actual look of the portfolio. Unfortunately, you are not given that much freedom for the appearance, but you can select a color scheme and font face (with only two options each). To change the appearance, make your way to the settings page and change the options available. Now that you’ve got the appearance set, you may want to write some information about yourself for your visitors. Next to the Projects tab, you will see “About.” Select this and you will then see some fields that you can enter your basic contact information, a bio, and photo of yourself.

That’s all to it! I have created a project in a matter of minutes with one project, an about page, descriptions for my project, and selected the white color scheme with serif typeface. Quick, easy, and looks great. I think Carbonmade is a great solution for many seeking a quick and easy portfolio. Whether your a designer, programmer, fashion designer, architect, identity designer, or whatever your profession may be. I do wish it allowed for more customization of the overall look, but it works. I didn’t run into any problems as I tested the service and am quite satisfied with its output. If you make a portfolio, let me know. I am interested in seeing how it works for you and of course viewing your work.

View Carbonmade: Show off your work.

5 Comments on “Carbonmade: Show off your work”

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  2. Virtuel Workshop says:

    [...] I Carbonmade er det uhyre let at lave en pr?sentations portfolio med notater. Solution Watch har en glimrende gennemgang af CarbonMade [...]

  3. hietahh says:

    I’ve just opened a Carbonmade account. Service looks pretty cool to me, but I think it’s too expensive for me to take a payed account (costs 12 dollar/month, there should be a 2 dollar/month deal, like Flickr Pro). Please visit it at :)

  4. kristy warner says:

    Carbonmade just lost my entire portfolio. You can see their nifty apology here
    Blows my mind that they didn’t have proper backup. What a bunch of losers.

  5. Spencer Fry says:

    Brian: Thanks for the amazing review!

    Kristy: Sorry again for losing your portfolio. Our backup system had a major snafu (note: backup to multiple machines!), but all is well now. Please email us if there’s anything we can help you with.