This is a follow-up post from my recent review of coComment, a blogging tool made to help you track comments at blogs you have commented at. The blogosphere has shown their love for the service making coComment a very successful service. The coComment team continues to work hard pushing constant updates for features, platform support, and just general requests from its users. Great work to the team for such a successful launch in a matter of a few days.As some of you may know, I had created a Greasemonkey Script that complimented the coComment service rather well by making it so you did not have to remember to click on the bookmarklet before making a comment. I am happy to say that my script has become quite a success attracting many coComment users. It got me some great attention as well giving my blog the most comments on one review yet, 134 at this time! I am very glad that I got something going and I also am happy to have received many thanks for creating the script. It was my pleasure!

So, do I have an updated version of my script now that coComment has been adding more support for blogs and other commenting sites? No, and that is because I have come across someone else that has. Johan Sundström has created a better Greasemonkey Script that will automatically check for an update for support once a day so the script will always work with supported coComment platforms. Impressive and seems to work great. I was going to release an updated version of mine, but I figured I would just mention his as it seems to get the job done rather well. I am glad that I got something started though and am glad that everyone has seem to appreciated my effort. It’s been fun.

Go grab Johan’s coComment Greasemonkey Script:
coComment Automatic Invocation (Blog Post)

If you are to use his script and have mine installed, make sure that you go to Tools > Manage User Scripts… > Select Automatic coComment > Uninstall. This way the two wont clash in anyway.

For those of you that were wondering what updates coComment has made, there is now more platform support (Flicrk, MovableType, Serendipity, Kaywa, Mojira), users can now invite friends on their own (yay!), user assigned images for profiles, and some bug fixes. To invite friends, browse to the “Your conversations” section and you will see the invite link on the bottom right navigation. That about sums it up! Keep up the great work, coComment.

(Note: Serendipity support is questionable. I have heard it does not activate automatically with the Greasemonkey script and does not work on all Serendipity blogs when clicking the bookmarklet. A few people confirm it does pickup when you click on the bookmarklet and others say it wont. Let me know what you experience.)

18 Comments on “coComment Follow-Up and Greasemonkey Script”

  1. Russell Limprecht says:

    I use Serendipity, and I will trade you one Solution Watch script for the new one.

    Great Work!

    I am now testing Ma.gnolia, Blogbeat and Measuremap.

    Thanks again.

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  3. Chrono Cr@cker says:

    You really did deserve the hits you recived man. And that script is fab, and innovative.

  4. Dewayne Mikkelson says:

    Hats off to you for not only getting us a great script to start us off but to even pointing to a new version that you found and like. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  5. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks Chrono and Dewayne! I appreciate the compliments! It really was fun while it lasted. Glad I can help out.

    And I am also happy to see coComment has been making updates to the bookmarklet and functionality of their site. Excellent.

  6. Ray CHOW says:

    Beyond and would it not be the time for implementing the “RSS Republic” ?

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  8. frankenboy says:

    Thank you very much for this fine tool and the greasemonkey script – it works!

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  10. Markus Merz says:

    Thanks for both articles and the link to the script. Just installed it. I love this kind of automation. So many comments not added to coComments because of forgetting to push that bookmarklet :-(

  11. says:


  12. Dave Child says:

    Noooooo! Yours works with Opera, but Johan’s doesn’t. Please, pretty please, update and re-release yours for the poor (usually ignored) Opera users out there!

  13. Johan Sundström says:

    In case you become swamped with feedback about this script having stopped working: coComment recently changed format of the bookmarklet injected script incompatibly with my Greasemonkey script, so even that needed an update. Reinstalling the above linked script solves the problem, though.

  14. hubs says:

    giving this a shot.

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  17. Stephanie Booth says:

    Just an update, for those who might not know: there is now an official Firefox extension for coComment, if you prefer that solution to using GreaseMonkey:

  18. Alexander says: