(Update: Look at the end of the review for a Greasemonkey script for coComment)
(Update: View the follow-up post for a new Greasemonkey script.)

Tracking comments that you make at a blog has always been a hassle. The way I usually do it is by making a comment and then bookmark the article with a tag of “comment.” It has worked for me, but obviously does not provide much information and does not notify me of replies. But now there is a new service that has been causing quite a stir in the blogosphere called, coComment. Robert Scoble seems love it and TechCrunch likes the core idea of it. coComment is a free service, currently in private beta, that lets you track comments that you or others leave on blogs that you have commented on.

The way it works is very simple. When you signup to coComment, you are given a bookmarklet that you are asked to add to your browser. Then, the next time you come across a blog post that you want to comment on, click on the bookmarklet before commenting. You will then see coComment logo and your username come up next to the submit button of the comment form to show that it has been enabled (clicking on it will show information about coComment). Click on submit and you will see a message saying that coComment has processed the comment and added it to your conversation page. That’s all to it. The only hassle now is remembering to click on the bookmarklet before making a comment! But if you do, don’t panic, there is a way to track it! According to the Help section of coComment, you can simply highlight the text of your comment and click the bookmarklet. It will then automatically try to pick it up and track it.

Once you have used coComment to track comments on a blog, you will then be able to track it in the “Your Conversations” section. The conversations section will show a list of every post that you have used coComment on. If a new comment has been made by either you or a different coComment user, the title will show up bold. You then click on a title and you will see a list of all of the comments that have made along with the name of the commenter, the comment, and the date the comment was made. It functions much like Gmail’s email conversation method of displaying replies to emails. The only downfall is that you can only track comments left by other coComment users, but that is understandable because it can’t possible track everyone’s blog, unless blogs can setup some kind of comment ping system sending a message to coComment when a comment has been made. But then again, the plus side to it is you won’t receive comment spam in coComment because it is only from coComment users.

coComment also has some other features that are very interesting as well as some features that are still in the making. One feature that I like is sharing. When you are logged into coComment, you will find a section called, “Share.” You will then see a panel on the right side asking for some appearance information and when submitted, it will generate a script that you can include on your site that shows your latest comments and comments from others on sites you left comments on. You can customize it with CSS, show only your comments or others comments, and even limit the amount of posts shown. Stick it in your blogs sidebar to let others see your commenting activity. Something else that I liked at coComment was how you can view other active commenters and latest blogs that have been commented on in a nice presentable format as tag clouds.

Finally there is an easy way to keep up with blogs that I leave comments on. I agree with Scoble that this service should be very popular with bloggers once it has been released. It isn’t even out of private beta yet and is already causing a lot of discussion. Great job to the coComment team.

View coComment – Clear Conversation in the Blogosphere.

Update: It just occurred to me that one could easily create a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that will enable coComment if a comment form has been detected. So, I decided to make one quickly! It is very simple.

I’ve got it working for WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Xanga. Let me know if you run into any problems and I’ll try to fix it. But, as I browse to various blogs, it seems to be working.

Here is the Greasemonkey script: Automatic coComment.

Update: Updated above comment as I have added support for more blogging platforms to work with the Greasemonkey script. Enjoy!

Update: To answer some questions in the comments below. No, you do not need to update the bookmarklet or the Greasemonkey User-Script if coComment has been updated. Both scripts call a specific coComment file that performs the core functionality.

But, if coComment adds more support for blog platforms, make sure to check back here for updates on the GreaseMonkey script because the script has to check for supported platforms in order to be enabled. If anyone wants to help out as well, just let me know. I hear they are working on Flickr support now which I will try shortly.

Also, some of you have been commenting and not seeing your comments appear below. This is because of the comment spam blocker, Akismet, has been blocking some of your comments. Just give me some time to mark them as not being spam. Thanks for your patience!

198 Comments on “Comment Tracking with coComment”

  1. Brian Benzinger says:

    Yes, I am testing coComment on my own blog with the Greasemonkey script. Lets see now.

  2. coComment at Geek from the street says:

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  4. RyanB says:

    Hey what does the GM do?

  5. RyanB says:

    I take that back sorry…

  6. Ryan ’s Blog » coComment says:

    [...] ing random codes and tried one. I got in! There’s already a GreaseMonkey Script made here Technorati Tags: coComment

    No Co [...]

  7. Andrei says:

    It doesn’t seem to be working with my WP 2.0 setup. coComment.js doens’t understand the blog and post title: http://www.cocomment.com/comments/andreizilla

    It shows up as (untitled):(untitled)

  8. Laurent says:

    A few more codes in this post’s comments:


  9. TeamBlog » Blog Archive » The first hack says:

    [...] eems to be working. Here is the Greasemonkey script: Automatic coComment. Great stuff from SolutionWatch!

    This entry was posted
    o [...]

  10. Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger » “What did we do?” says:

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  11. Stephen says:

    Nice one

  12. Netweb » Lucky coComment invite says:

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  13. pusit says:

    Do you comment a lot on blogs?

    There’s a new service out by coComment, a Swiss company.  It is still in private beta but I got lucky enough to get an invitation   Essentially, it is a service that centralizes all your comments from various blogs into a centralized place.  …

  14. terpua says:

    Thanks Brian for the script. I’m testing this as I write this.

  15. Russell's Ramblings says:

    Scoble delivers coComment invites from Switzerland.

    There was a feeding frenzy over at Scobleizer last night. He gave out invitation codes to coComment, a service (inprivate beta) to track your blog comments. I was lucky enough to find an unused code so I am in. This Robert pointed to Memeorandum and

  16. coComment fixes blog commenting at ceejayoz.com says:

    [...] ntly) by clicking a bookmark in your browser, which is a tad clunky, but there are already a Greasemonkey script for it. Hopefully someone’ll come up with a Safari [...]

  17. Connected Web says:


    Mehr oder weniger aus dem Nichts heraus erschien gestern zuerst bei Scoble, dann bei Solutionswatch und später auch auf Techcrunch mit CoComment ein Dienst, der es ermöglicht, Weblogkommentare zusätzlich zum Weblog, auf dem man kommentiert, auch zen…

  18. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks everyone. Glad you like the Greasemonkey script. It definitely seems to help. If you have any problems with the Greasemonkey script, just let me know. Thanks!

  19. .derek says:

    hey just wanted to drop a line thanking you for the greasemonkey script. saves a little time instead of having to move my mouse to the bookmarklet situated above.

  20. Mathew Ingram says:

    My thanks as well for the CoComment greasemonkey script — it makes things a lot easier. Yet another reason why Firefox rules :-)

  21. terpua says:

    Hey Brian, I’m using FF and have the bookmarklet and your gm script installed but it seems not to work.

    I posted some comments on cocomment’s blog, where it did work. Weird.

  22. Brian Benzinger says:

    @Thanks, Derek and Mathew! I am glad you find it as helpful as I have myself :-) . Certainly does make things a bit easier. And yes, Mathew, Firefox does rule!

  23. Brian Benzinger says:

    @Terpua, I have sent you an email regarding the issue to try to figure out the problems you are experiencing. Thanks!

  24. Andrei says:

    This is very cool… thank you. Now I don’t have to worry about doing anything at all and I can be completely lazy and the monkey will do everything for me!

  25. Rick Mahn says:

    Good mini-review! Pretty much covers the use of coComment, there are additional tools that will be of use to bloggers such as the ability to display a list of your recent comments on your own blog, and an RSS feed of your ongoing comments. Neat service – can’t wait to watch it evolve and include more blogging engine support.

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  27. RyanB says:

    The GreaseMonkey script fixes a bug that I talked about in scoblizier…

  28. Rolli says:

    I dont get it. – uhh it seems to work now. This is the first site where it workes – Hhhm – It must be something wrong with my setup or?

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    (Updates at the bottom)Stowe Boyd introduces the concept of the Conversational Index:“…successful blogs — ones that were currently viable and vibrant, and those that were on a growth trajectory from their start — shared a common characteristic: T…

  30. RyanB says:

    What do you mean? When you hit tab it goes up to the search bar on this site? It does that to me too.

  31. greg hughes - dot - net says:

    coComment – all the buzz, will be interesting to see where this goes

  32. CarLBanks says:

    Thanks for this greasemonkey script!

  33. CarLBanks says:

    Weird, I am using the cocomment GM script too and it hasn’t picked up this conversation.

  34. Devin says:

    Very useful, thanks Brian! =)

  35. Alex Morganis says:

    The GreaseMonkey script works great! Thanks!

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  37. Zoli's Blog says:

    coComment – Prelude to Virtual Blogs? The Genie is Out of the Bottle

    Despite some initial glitches (hey, it’s pre-beta ) I enjoy using coComment. It is HOT.  Scoble announced it yesterday, then it quickly got profiled on TecCrunch, and people (including yours truly) were begging for invitattion code…

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  40. Thomas says:

    Great, I love to sign up at their service. Can you send me an invitation code?

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  42. Duncan says:

    Just giving your greasemonkey script a shot

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  46. Dave Child says:

    I was just about to sit down and write a user script for coComment, and thought I’d check first if someone else already had. Lo, here I am, and your script, like coComment, rocks. It appears to be working fine in Opera 8.5.

  47. vincent says:

    Thank you for the script !

  48. Phil von Sassen says:

    The GM skript does not seem to work with FF… What do I have to change?

  49. vincent says:

    I have FF and it works.

  50. vincent says:

    It works, but… I can see my comments on the cocomment website but not here… on solutionwatch.com

  51. vincent says:

    When I automaticaly cocomment my comment does not appear here but it does appear on the cocomment website… Why ?

  52. BlueAce » Archief » Hou je reacties bij met coComment says:

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  53. Matt Dempsey says:

    I’ve tested it with 5 sites so far, with errors on everyone. Lets see if this is any different…

  54. Matt Dempsey says:

    Oh, well when it works :P, boy it’s nice. It doesn’t include trackbacks in the comments which is nice. Overall I like it, and think I would use it if the GreaseMonkey script was automatic and included with CoComment and it worked with more sites!

  55. is | coComment - Comment Tracking says:

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    Easily keep track of blog conversations through comments with this tool that seems to have caught the buzz. Now with a Greasemonkey [...]

  56. CarLBanks says:

    Hmm actually, it appears to be working for me now.

  57. Josh says:

    Thank you for the Greasemonkey extension! It makes the whole system MUCH easier.

    Trying to remember to always click the coComment button BEFORE submitting a comment is a real pain.

  58. Greasemonkey script for coComment at joshteeters.org says:

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  59. Hans Mestrum says:

    Let’s see of this is working. Should be a great feature.

  60. vincent says:

    I give it another try…

  61. Hans Mestrum says:

    He that’s great. After restarting firefox it works fine. Thx! I will update my posting with this helpful script.

  62. Murali says:

    Great work on the Greasemonkey script
    That would certainly make cocomment far more usable

  63. Hans on Experience says:

    Greasemonkey script for coComment

    Ok. This is great. I installed a greasemonkey extension for coComment. With this extension you do not need to press the coComment button. The script just watches if there is a commentform which is supported and logs you in, with no need to press the bu…

  64. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks everyone for the fantastic responses. I am glad to see that the Greasemonkey script is working, for most, and makes using coComment just a bit easier for you. Some of you are experiencing problems, but it doesn’t seem to by related to the Greasemonkey User Script. coComment is still in beta and they said that still have quirks to workout. So, we’ll see.

    But as I said, thanks everyone for the great feedback. I’m glad you find the script as helpful as I do. Enjoy!

  65. Josh says:

    Weird. I installed the script on one computer and it worked fine. I tried installing it on a different computer, and Greasemonkey throws an error at me.

    Bummer. :(

  66. Brian Benzinger says:

    @Josh – That’s strange. Is your Greasemonkey corrupt or maybe not up to date? I’m not sure what the compatibility is with the script, but it’s just a basic script and should work fine. Let me know how things go. Thanks!

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  69. CarLBanks says:

    I’m curious, if coComment updates does this script also need to be updated? That brings me to another question as to if the coComment javascript bookmarklet needs to be redownloaded each time a new version is out. Can anyone enlighten me on this please?

  70. Software Guide » coComment: Weblog-Diskussionsverfolgung says:

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  72. Andrei says:

    CarLBanks, the bookmarklet just loads http://www.cocomment.com/js/cocomment.js so you’re always getting the freshest version of the software from their server.

    PS: After typing this, and hitting Tab, the search Go button is focused, not the Add Comment one. Kind of annoying :0

  73. Josh says:

    I just wanted to report that I finally got the script to install on this computer. I had to uninstall Firefox, completely delite ALL profile info / plugins, etc., then reinstall Firefox.

    What a pain, but it’s worth it.

  74. Andrei says:

    WP Just ate my post, but..

    CarlLBanks, the bookmarklete just loads http://www.cocomment.com/js/cocomment.js so you don’t have to do anything if they update it.

  75. Andy says:

    hmm – I can’t even get the standard cocomment to work on this page and the firefox extension just asks me what page to install it on :-(
    Seeing as though lunch is almost over I’ll take a closer look later.

  76. Andy says:

    aha – I got the cocomment thing working by turning off redirectremover extension but I do still have the greasemonkey problem.

  77. coComment, a preview of what seems wonderful - JW says:

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  78. Andrei says:

    Test real quick.

  79. MV says:

    Having the greasemonkey script is really sweet. :)

  80. coComment Future at joshteeters.org says:

    [...] being said. (At least, it’s exceptionally easy after installing the Greasemonkey script.) I’m anxious to see how the blogging community handl [...]

  81. MV says:

    Hmmm… my previous comment wasn’t captured. Is there a problem with the script?

  82. Chrono Cr@cker says:

    Amazing, man! Truly amazing. Keep it up!

  83. Chrono Cr@cker says:

    Amazing, man! Truly amazing. Keep it up!

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  86. Andrei says:

    My Comment’s arn’t even being posted

    (Hit Tab. Scrolled all the way down. Clicked Add Comment :)

  87. MV says:

    :) I finally managed to get the greasemonkey script working! Great. No more bookmarklet clicking.

  88. Occasional Bitch » Blog Archive » coComment says:

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    [...] ack and see what someone else said after me, which then kinda makes the comment pointless. I’ve come across this co-comment thingy and this am I received my account [...]

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  92. Dewayne Mikkelson says:

    Thanks for a GREAT Script. I had the same problem that everyone else had, could not remember to hit that extra click before submitting my comments.

  93. FreshBlog says:

    Automating CoComment with Greasemonkey

    As pointed out in the comments on the previous post, this has the added benefit of integrating the system with blogger blogs (such as this one) that have comments appear in a pop-up window. Maybe I should change the way the comments appear so that co…

  94. Sylvain says:

    I like coComment. I hope this movement will become a usual service for all bloggers.

  95. This is really not it says:

    How to get a coComment invite, and why coComment will be another flash in the pan

    It’s the latest buzz for blogs – coComment tracks comments you make across the web, and stores them on a page on their site, or in a box on your own blog/site.
    You can get your invite the way I did. Register on the site and two hours later th…

  96. Aditya Mukherjee says:

    your script is not working. keeps saying it can’t find the URI of the blog from the comment page.

    i use blogger with the comment box popup thingy!

  97. Brian Benzinger says:

    @Aditya – I have sent you an email to try to narrow down on the issue you are experiencing. It may be a coComment support issue. Thanks!

    @Sylvain – I agree, I really hope more and more people catch on and start using the service. It’s never been easier to track the comments I make around the net and it is great! :) Thanks for the comment!

  98. xleioo says:

    I got invitation code at last :))

  99. Nick says:


  100. Nick says:


  101. Nick says:

    Lets see if this cocomment link actually works

  102. Josh Bancroft says:

    I get the following error when I try to install the script in Greasemonkey:

    Error installing User Script:
    [Exception… "Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a [nsIIOService.newChannel]” nsresult:
    “0x804b000a ()” location: “JS frame :: chrome://geckotip/content/geckotip.js ::
    getContents :: line 540″ data:no]

    It appears to be conflicting with GeckoTip, an extension used on the Tablet PC for input scope guessing (I’m on an X41 Tablet PC).

    I’ll try uninstalling Geckotip, and see if I can get the script to install, but I wanted to make you aware of it, to see if you can maybe fix it in the next rev.

    Thanks for a great tool! :-)

  103. The Chatsubo » Blog Archive » coComment Greasemonkey Script says:

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  104. Hexxenn says:

    Hello, and thanks for the useful coComment script!

    However, I seem to have encountered a possible bug: When coComment adds the blog entries I comment on to my list of conversations, it fails to recognize the name of the blog and the post title.

  105. Hexxenn says:

    Hm, now when I commented on this post, it worked fine :/

    Maybe an error on my part, or something to do with the blogs I commented on?

  106. Brian Benzinger says:

    @Hexxenn – Thanks for the comments. I am not sure exactly what the problem is, but I have heard of similar issues with coComment so far. It is currently in beta and they are still working out some quirks. But, I have heard that sometimes coComment can’t pickup the title/comment when commenting because the way the blog is designed. Hopefully they can fix this issue, but I’d say just give coComment some time.

    Thanks for the comment!

  107. Hexxenn says:

    @ Brian: Yes, I had a feeling it had something to do with coComment itself and/or some particular blogs.

    I’m sure they’ll get it worked out somehow. It’s already an extremely useful service.

  108. Zoli's Blog says:

    coComment or myComments?

    After repeatedly crying out for a solution, I was really happy to become a beta user for coComment.  Little did I know that there were actually TWO comment tracking solutions announced almost the simultaneously.   The coComment laun…

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    Review: coComment – the future of blog comments tracking?

    coComment is an online service that helps you to keep track your blog comments (on other blogs), share your comments on your own blog, and be informed for new comment. Here is my review.

  111. Nico says:

    Thanks for the very useful Greasemonkey-script! It really makes coComment easier to use!

  112. misschatter says:

    If anyone has a spare invitation code, I’d love to try this! I can be reached at misschatter at gmail. Thanks!

  113. coComment at Nico.se says:

    [...] nvända coComment-bookmarkleten. Skönt att slippa komma ihåg det där extraklicket! Comment Tracking with coComment » Solution Watch


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  115. Joe says:

    CoComment Grease Monkey Script — pure genius — testing now…

  116. CoComment at Orange Days says:

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  118. Initial impact of CoComment on Blogsphere at HawkEye says:

    [...] The usage of the service would grow tremendously if plugins are made for popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, MovableType & Blogger, since the current method of having to click on the Bookmarklet does make it a bit messy in terms of implementation & usage. There is a Greasemonkey script available for Firefox to do this automatically. I also bumped into a Firefox extension that can do this. While I havn’t yet used this extension, I can’t for now figure out how this is better than the Greasemonkey script (available at solutionwatch.com). And just as I am making this post, came across another Greasemonkey script that apparently updates itself to support newer blog platforms that CoComment adds support for) [...]

  119. CetaMac says:

    I begin to love on this little blue “CO” button on my firefox. I believe it’s a useful tool to advance the internet comment quality, especially for the comment poster who share their comment on their own blog. A little comment on it, a more widely blog URL supportted ability would make it a better one. Comments even on blogger sometimes may not support while the blogger set the comment to be post on a new openning window. How about make a incompetable blog site submit page on coComment? And as I know, the system only collect the comments from coComment members up to NOW. That means more widely serve capability is urgen for their beta server. Well, after all, it’s absulote an amazing web2.0 service and pray for its being more and more successful.

  120. Webby's World says:

    Now Using coComment…

    coComment is a new website which allows the tracking of comments across various different blogs. Any blog which uses Blogger, MSN Spaces, MySpace, TypePad, WordPress, Xanga, Flickr, Kaywa and Mojira is supported. The system doesn’t support Movabl…

  121. Joachim says:

    thanks for the GreaseMonkey script, it’s really usefull!

  122. Another “invited” beta - cocomment.com at Customer Experience Strategy says:

    [...] Solution Watch on CoComment [...]

  123. Vida Vacia 4.1 » Comentarios y mas comentarios says:

    [...] De vuelta de las vacaciones. Mientras no estaba, aparecieron un par de iniciativas interesantes para lograr tener un buen seguimiento de los comentarios que dejamos en otros blogs. Uno muy interesante es Cocomments, un sitio que te permite almacenar de manera gratuita todo lo que dejás en blogs de terceros. Para ello, tenés que sacar una cuenta -están en beta privada pero te mandan rápidamente la invitación- y sumar un bookmarklet a la barra de enlaces de tu navegador. Luego, escribís el comentario en el blog que quieras, pero antes de enviarla hay que hacer clic en el bookmarklet. Al lado del “Send” aparecerá un cuadro azul que dice “CO”. Al enviarlo, el comentario se agregará automáticamente a tu página en Cocomments. Además, el sitio pone a tu disposición un badge para colocarlo en la barra lateral de tu blog. Como alternativa, se puede usar un script en Greasemonkey en vez del bookmarklet. Interesante, ya que es una manera muy sencilla de seguir esos aportes que dajamos en otros blogs. [...]

  124. Nogz Blogz says:

    CoComment Firefox Extension and Greasemonkey Script….

    Finally a reason to install Greasemonkey!
    CoComment has sprung back into life and this Greasemonkey script is helping it.
    Well it is for me anyway.
    Go Get it!


  125. Sri’s Blog » links for 2006-02-07 says:

    [...] Comment Tracking with coComment » Solution Watch (tags: coComment blogging comments tracking) [...]

  126. beat says:

    I implemented coComment on my “Serendipity”-Blog. Unfortunately the Greasemonkey Script don’t work. It doesn’t recognise, that cComment is integrated. With the manually Bookmarlet it works.

  127. coComment at wongaBlog says:

    [...] Ease of use – the button has to Just Work. There’s already a (Firefox-only) script that detects compatible forms automatically, so that’ll help [...]

  128. beat says:

    That the Greasemonkey-Script also Serendipity-Blogs support, just include the line:

    document.getElementById(“serendipity_comment”) ||

    And:::: it works! GREAT! If you can implement this in the next version of the script it would be great!

  129. Mimz says:

    Thanks for making this Greasemonkey script! I’ve found myself often forgetting to click the bookmarklet.

  130. Chrono Cr@cker says:

    Wow, this GM script has become soo soo popular. 129 Comments and more @ Team Blog. Keep it up Solution Watch.

  131. matt maier says:

    Brian, great job, very nice!

  132. Andrei says:

    I just got a few beta codes from the coco team if anyone is interested:



  133. CetaMac says:

    Yup thanks for your code, yet how can you get it from coCo, if I could ask.

  134. diatribe » Blog Archive » Of Interest v060211.1 says:

    [...] Lubricate your coComments with a little greasemonkey love from solution watch. Sorry IE users, this is a Firefox-a-polooza. [...]

  135. coComment Follow-Up and Greasemonkey Script » Solution Watch says:

    [...] The Blog Herald Tim Knows Best Top Dog Blogs Venture Nine Venture Nine Blog Recent Solutions coComment Follow-Up and Greasemonkey ScriptMabber Mobile and Ajax Instant MessagingComment Tracking with coCommentMa.gnolia: Social Bookmarkingand CommunityStatistics for your TitleZ [...]

  136. alfonso says:

    thanks for the cocomment script, it’s great…

  137. diatribe » Blog Archive » Of Interest v060212.1 says:

    [...] Brian Benzinger who graciously offered up his greasemonkey script for automation of coComment has a follow-up/updated post in which he points to Johan Sundström’s greasemokey script as a better alternative. I’m downloading and installing Johan’s now… [...]

  138. The Blog.ch.Blog Swiss Metablog » Blog Archive » Und noch ein cocomment greasemonkey script says:

    [...] Ein weiteres Greasemonkey Script für coComment ist bei ecmanaut zu finden. Ob’s so viel besser ist wie der Autor behauptet, weiss ich nicht – muss es heute abend mal ausprobieren. Technorati Tags: [...]

  139. gazard says:

    Thanks, i just get my cocomment invitation! Registration is no-sweat and now gonna try the greasemonkey script!

  140. Andrei says:

    CetaMac, I got it from cocofeedback, right here. I guess if you want codes from the team, then participate in the community, and your participation will be acknowlaged by the development team.

    Remember, coComment is a company, and companies apreciate any free support/help they can get.

  141. Nico says:

    I love the GreaseMonkey script. OTOH, I can’t seem to get it working in a popup window (such as for blogspot.com sites).

  142. Sproutit Mailroom for Small Business Email Management » Solution Watch says:

    [...] The beauty of Mailroom is the organization (with user assigning) and the sending of email because it makes it so simple for you. You only get mail that requires your attentions and the fact that it learns what you need write when making a reply by the suggestions it provides so you can view and send in a matter of seconds. Sure, you will probably have to edit a few sentences, add some specifics, names, etc., but it certainly saves you from writing out a whole email. This is perfect for small businesses, or anyone really that is highly involved with email. I know I definitely could have used it the other day with 140 comments mailed to me the other day for my coComment review! [...]

  143. Zoli's Blog says:

    The Third and Best (?) Comment Tracking Tool…

    This has been quite a week for all of us unhappy about missing the other half of the Conversation:  in rapid succession three comment-tracking products were announced.
    First came coComment with a spontaneous (?) yet well-executed viral campaign t…

  144. Comment this // eightface says:

    [...] Enter CoComment, another one of the closed beta-du-jours, a site that aims to do it for you (and track popular conversations, vis-a-vis popular posts). You read a few of the comments (Solution Watch, Tech Crunch, Scoble): it’s going to be “HUGGEEE!!”, everyone needs it, filling a void, it’s a simple idea that will work. [...]

  145. Stephen Edgar says:

    coComment Greasemonkey script has been updated…

    This is even better :)


  146. CetaMac says:

    Here has been a blog? It’s Tracking on cocomment, how you make this great?

  147. Comment this // eightface says:

    [...] coComment is another one of the closed beta-du-jours, a site that aims to do it for you (and track popular conversations, vis-a-vis popular posts). You read a few of the comments (Solution Watch, Tech Crunch, Scoble) and it sounds like the second coming of sliced bread: it’s going to be “HUGGEEE!!”, everyone needs it, filling a void, it’s a simple idea that will work. [...]

  148. Carsten says:

    Thanks for this great Greasemonky script! Now I won’t forget to call the coComment bookmarklet any longer…

  149. Shawn Grimes says:

    Thanks for the script. I was wondering if there was a way to automate the cocomment process because I keep forgetting to hit the bookmarklet.

  150. April says:

    Thanks for this post; you’ve made my life a whole lot easier.

  151. Nao says:

    Thanks for this script. It’s quite handy.

  152. Sarah says:

    Wow, I have to install a GreaseMonkey script to track my comments instead of clicking a bookmarklet, which I would have had to do since only 3 blog services allow integration of the code via a javascript hack into their platform’s commenting code section.

  153. [zu frueh] pensioniert » coComment automatisieren says:

    [...] Infos zu dem coComment Script gibt es bei Solution Watch wo auch eine detaillierte Beschreibung mit Sceenshots nachgelesen werden kann. Technorati Tags: [...]

  154. Julien Couvreur says:

    Wow, very nice. I actually had an entry on my TODO list to create a Greasemonkey script to help me track my comments.
    coComment seems to fit the job even better than I thought possible, by having specific code for each blogging platform that it supports.

  155. Curiosity is bliss says:

    Comment Tracking with coComment…

    Tracking the comments I leave at other people’s blogs have been a long time problem for me. And it looks like many bloggers have the same problem. One item on my todo list (that I didn’t get to) has been to write a Greasemonkey script that would log …

  156. akash says:

    Cool script thanks!

  157. time to live » track your blog comments web2.0 style says:

    [...] Updated: There is a greasemonkey script as well at solution watch. a brand new web 2.0 application coComments ( in private beta right now open to all) is offering a service to keep track of all the comments that you make on various blogs. once registered all you need to do is add a bookmarklet to your browser favourites and when ever you are about to comment on a blog just click. [...]

  158. kamus says:

    Test your scripts :)

  159. Markus Merz says:

    Just to give your comment count a new record :-)
    And thanks a lot for bringing up this GM idea! Awesome.

  160. matt says:

    I just installed the greasemonkey script awhile ago, and it’s great! I like not having to have the cocomment bookmark.

  161. rob says:

    this is cool

  162. ?? @ Tinn Walk . » Blog Archive » ?cocomment???? -Wordpress 2.01 blog ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? it?? web2.0 says:

    [...] ???????blog: greasemonkey | cc js [...]

  163. Library clips :: CoComments: comments haven :: February :: 2006 says:

    [...] See Solution Watch for a great explanation. [...]

  164. Shoegazer » coComment ????&???? says:

    [...] ???????????Greasemonkey???Automatic coComment,??????coComment,?????????bookmarklet?.???????????????,?????. [via Cero] web2.0, comment, cocomment [...]

  165. coComment… I want comments. at William T. Foxtrot says:

    [...] This blog now officially supports coComment. I’ll admit it… I desperately want more comments. I hate seeing “0 comments” under all of my posts. If you haven’t heard of coComment yet, read this entry at Solution Watch. I’m beginning to realize that maybe the reason I’m not getting any comments is that I have no content worth commenting on. Could this be true? I guess I might have to work a little bit harder. Who would’ve thought that no one would be interested in reading a series of disjointed ramblings from a bored college freshman? [...]

  166. dejanr says:

    I am just testing cocomment :D

  167. Breyten’s Dev Blog » Blog Archive » links for 2006-02-07 says:

    [...] Comment Tracking with coComment » Solution Watch “t just occurred to me that one could easily create a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that will enable coComment if a comment form has been detected. So, I decided to make one quickly!” (tags: comments greasemonkey cocomment web2.0 firefox) [...]

  168. devinreams.com says:

    Review: coComment…

    Scoble points us to a cool new website called coComment; it makes so much sense! I thought I was the only idiot wandering around blogs, posting comments and then having to manually go back and see if there was a response. Apparently not…

  169. Guitar Lessons says:

    BIG greasemonkey fan. Wanted to post to say thanks.

  170. Nerd. and so much more! says:

    [...] Solution Watch: Comment Tracking with coComment [...]

  171. Andy says:

    Fantastic Greasemonkey script, makes things much easier. Thank you!

  172. Mathew Ingram: mathewingram.com/work says:

    At last, a way to track blog comments…

    If you’re like me (and I know I am), you travel around the blogosphere reading different posts on blogs and adding your thoughtful comments here and there – and again, if you’re like me, you often forget what you said or where. As a result,…

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    [...] coComment in alte bloguri: Techcrunch Solution Watch [...]

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    Great Greasemonkey script, makes things much easier. Thank you! Cheers!

  176. Martin's Mobile Technology Page says:

    CoComments Big Brother Plugin…

    CoComment is a great tool to keep track of comments left by you and others on blogs. Lately, they have added a Firefox plugin which makes the service even more comfortable to use. Unfortunately, however, the plugin raises a serious privacy issue about …

  177. n says:


  178. Brian says:

  179. live@haliluya » ????????? says:

    [...] Brian Benzinger????Automatic coComment??????WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Xanga???Flickr?????????? ….. ?????????????Greasemonkey????????????WordPress?Blogger???????? [...]

  180. Baku says:

    Cool script thanks!

  181. coComment… I Want Comments. « William T. Foxtrot says:

    [...] This blog now officially supports coComment. I’ll admit it… I desperately want more comments. I hate seeing “0 comments” under all of my posts. If you haven’t heard of coComment yet, read this entry at Solution Watch. I’m beginning to realize that maybe the reason I’m not getting any comments is that I have no content worth commenting on. Could this be true? I guess I might have to work a little bit harder. Who would’ve thought that no one would be interested in reading a series of disjointed ramblings from a bored college freshman? [...]

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    [...] In the old days you needed a big marketing staff, a huge budget, a PR agency, an elaborate press event at a big hotel (with food and drinks), and the attention of the trade press writers to launch your product. And then you would pray that all that investment of time and money resulted in a few good stories published about you. Just to make sure your message got through you would buy print ads in all the major publications. This was a VERY expensive proposition.Today you need none of that. It doesn’t cost anything to publicize your new product or service. Simply engage a couple of the “A-List” bloggers (Michael Arrington, Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, Om Malik, Steve Gillmor, Cory Doctorow, Richard MacManus,  Stowe Boyd, and others) by sending them a link to your new product or service. Tell them what problem it solves and why it is cool. When they blog, people listen. When their stories hit Tech Memeorandum, Digg, TailRank, and other services the story explodes across thousands of blogs within hours.All the trade press writers have personal blogs. Om Malik, Steve Gillmor, Cory Doctorow, and Richard MacManus are just a few examples. Once the blog world spreads a story about your product the trade press will pick it up too, which in turn feeds another round of stories, comments, and reactions.CoComment is the most recent example of this new product launch phenomenon. It all started with Robert Scoble getting a sneak peak at the new service (still in invitation only beta) while skiing in Europe. Robert blogged about it, others picked up on it, Tech Memeorandum aggregated all the discussion, and it blasted off in about 24 hours on a Saturday. Big money and influential VCs are no longer a requirement to launch a company or product. The price of software, hardware, and bandwidth has been reduced by a factor of ten, or more, since the late 90’s. Open source software, free web services, and super cheap hardware have made it possible to start a business for pocket change. Many entrepreneurs are self funding all the way to cash flow, or even break even.The web, and more specifically blogs, have made it simple and cheap to promote your product. And it can all happen in 24 hours…without ever leaving your computer screen. This is transformational. It has been happening gradually over the last 5 years so we haven’t really noticed how dramatic the change has been. It is huge. Today it is much easier to get a company started. But, with so many companies and products launching does it make it harder to get noticed? Not if you take advantage of the new approaches to exposing your beta product on the web, and engage the blog community for early feedback and promotion. It only takes one or two A-List bloggers to get you noticed. Then it is up to the product to speak for itself. Products must be intuitively obvious in their design, usability, and value. A new user should be able to understand the value of the product/service, and be able to start using it, within minutes. No training required. No complicated integration with other products. No changes in user behavior. Just solve a user problem, add value immediately, and up sell other services later.We now live in a meritocracy. Money, VCs, and the press no longer decide what will be successful. Great products/services with intuitive designs that solve a real problem win. Of course once the product catches on and other entrepreneurs take notice, then you need to scale up fast to cement your first mover advantage. That might be where VCs and money add their value in this new world. Posted by DonDodge on February 05, 2006 [...]

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    [...] Comment Tracking with coComment Tracking comments that you make at a blog has always been a hassle. The way I usually do it is by making a comment and then bookmark the article with a tag of “comment.” It has worked for me, but obviously does not provide much information and does not notify me of replies. But now there is a new service that has been causing quite a stir in the blogosphere called, coComment. Robert Scoble seems love it and TechCrunch likes the core idea of it. coComment is a free service, currently in private beta, that lets you track comments that you or others leave on blogs that you have commented on. [...]

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