Yotophoto is a search engine for free-use stock photographs. Some of the images are public domain and others have generous Creative Commons (or similar) licensing. Nearly all these photographs are free for personal and commercial use with minimal restrictions.”

Have I been waiting for a search engine like this for a while! Yotophoto surely saves a lot of time if you are searching for free photos. I tend to buy photos these days, but now I know about Yotophoto, it wont hurt just to check out what it will return.

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  1. Under the Radar » Blog Archive » Yo, check yotophoto says:

    [...] Yotophoto.com Sector: online photo search (for Creative Commons, public domain and other free-to-use images) Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Management: Mark Thomson. Previous startup was a brick and mortar + e-commerce “action sports” retail operation. Funding: Private. Secret Sauce: Search engine for free-to-use images including Creative Commons, GNU FDL and public domain media. Yotophoto indexes free images from sites like Wikipedia, Flickr, Stock.Xchng, the US government, and many more. Advanced search options allow searching by license, image size and boolean keyword matching. Yotophoto also uses an advanced keyword stemming algorithm to maximize the accuracy and breadth of results. The site has become very popular with bloggers, educators, students, designers and digital artists and each one of these users sees Yotophoto differently. For example, students and teachers are often looking for photos of historical significance (mainly from the Wikipedia) while graphic artists tend to search out textures and clean high-res shots of a more artistic nature. Bloggers on the other hand,¬†tend to vary their searches more widely depending on the topic de jour. Future plans include implementing tools to aid in the re-mixing, re-using and re-publishing of the images. All the while helping the user remain compliant with the the various license requirements (such as source attribution). Yotophoto currently indexes “well over a quarter-million images”. Seen and Heard: The Philadelphia Inquirer write-up. Yotophoto was covered on episode 263 of G4TechTV’s ‘Call For Help’ program. Quote: “WOW, THIS IS GOOD…” ¬†- Leo Laporte Full transcript here. Also on SolutionWatch , ResearchBuzz, LockerGnome and an interview with Mark here. [...]