Google has released a new feature embedded into normal search results that will provide a link to more details of a musical artist that lets you see pictures, albums, songs in each album, reviews, and more. The way it works is very simple. You happen to search for an artist and if Google is to match the artist, it will come up with an image along with a link pointing to more music results for the artist (ie: search for Yellowcard). This result will then direct you to the band page (still within Google Search) and list more information. Also, if you prefer, you can just use the Music Search to search an artist.

The first page that you will come across when viewing more results for an artist is the music search results. This is just the normal music search page but with the results for the artist you originally searched for. It will list possible matches for artists, songs, and albums all with pictures so you can easily narrow down your search. One thing that you will notice is that Google will be profiting from this as well (of course) because they provide links to purchase this music for services such as iTunes Music Store, Real Rhapsody, and eMusic (funny, I didn’t see any for Yahoo! Music Engine). I find it really helpful that they provide a link to the iTunes Music Store because now when I find a result, I can easily sample the music too with iTunes and if I wanted to buy it, I can easily do so.

Google came up with the artist I was looking for, Yellowcard, so I clicked on the artist result for Yellowcard. You should then see something similar to the above. You will see on the left that you can select views for all tracks or artist summary (in the screenshot, I have all tracks selected). You will then see more ways on the left to refine your searching with showing normal Google results (Artist Websites), Google News on the artist, a link to image results, and also results from user groups. One the right you will see all the artists albums listed by popularity. You can also sort by release date (my preferred). It provides links to purchase the albums and also lets you view the ablum songs by click on an album name, which will then also allow you to purchase each song individually. But what I found to be more interesting were the reviews. The reviews page simply pulls up articles that have reviews and ratings for the album you selected. I like being able to view the reviews to give me an idea of what other thinks about the artist and to help, you can filter the reviews by positive, neutral, or negative ratings.

Overall, I love the simplicity that Google Music Search provides. Many other search engines that incorporate some type of music search usually direct you to totally different websites for artist resuts. But I feel that Google did the right decision by keeping you at all times on the normal Google Search interface. I can easily leave and get back to what I was doing at any time. Yahoo! has artist results as well and the results Yahoo! provides are great, but what I do not like about it is that when viewing more results for an artist, it will direct you to their Yahoo! Music site. This makes me feel that I am no longer at Yahoo! but at some music website, when I would actually prefer to see results on the search page itself as Google has done. With Google, I feel like I haven’t left anything behind because I am still at Google search and the interface still looks the same (a comfort issue). Is it just me? Also, when you make the initial search using Yahoo!, the seperate links for artist results are harder to see because they get mixed up with the normal search results, while Google shows an image making it easier to point out. Lastly, I also prefer Googles quiet simply because I can buy music from other services while with Yahoo! you can only purchase for their music engine. But enough about what I like more. What do you think? Google may be a little late in the game, but as usual, their simplicity won me over.

View Google Music Search.

Update: Search Engine Watch has more on relating Google Music Search to other search engines.

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