Reddit is an excellent service that I am now very addicted to using. A few weeks back was the first time I came across reddit, and I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to it that time. But I soon realized that I needed to take a better look at what it has to offer and I am really glad that I have. Reddit has a similar concept to Digg that when a site is submitted, members can then decide to promote the site and add a point to it. But what makes reddit even more interesting is that it also allows you to demote a site if you don’t like it, subtracting a point from it and decreasing its chance of getting on the main page of “hottest” sites. Did I forget to mention reddit doesn’t use tagging? I am perfectly fine with that though as I feel tags are not needed when it comes to using reddit because the service is more based on ranking of the sites.

Sites that receive good response will be placed on the main page, also known as the “hottest” page. I am not sure what algorithm is used to determine the placement of a site on the hottest page, but it seems that it is based on the amount of promotions or positive point in a certain period of time. When you first submit a site, it will be placed on the newest page where members can then use the up and down arrows to add or subtract points to it. Members can also save a link, adding it to their saved page in the profile, share a link, which allows them to email the site to anyone, and even hide, which will hide the site from the listing for you only.

If you have used reddit before, you may notice the excellent use of Ajax. I feel reddit could not have done a better job with the use of Ajax. On the main page when you promote, demote, or even save a link, you will notice that there are no page refreshes and upon clicking, the action is performed immediately. You can also see use of Ajax in the profile area and when you share a site with the managing of contacts. And if you were wondering, reddit was written with Common Lisp.

Reddit also has a great set of features that makes using reddit very enjoyable. First off, reddit does have RSS feeds so you can keep up with the latest and hottest links, which is always a major plus. I also noticed that when you become a member you will get access to the recommendation section. The way this page works is simple. When you promote or demote sites on reddit, reddit will take note of what you like or dislike. Based off of your activity, it will then compare you with other reddit members and show sites that they like. Another key feature to reddit is member karma, which you can see from member profiles and the stats page. The F.A.Q. for reddit explains how it works best. “When a particular item is promoted or demoted, the user who posted it is either rewarded or punished — a system of editorial karma. In the same way that popular submissions are voted to the top, the individuals who post them get increases in karma.” The use of karma then provides reddit members some respect and bragging rights. Fun!

Another excellent feature that I don’t think many reddit members are aware of is the viewing of sites in frames. When you become a member of reddit, go to your profile page and check the box that reads, “open reddit links in a frame,” and click save. The next time you view a site from reddit, it will open the site inside of a frame with a bar on the top for reddit. What I love about this is that when you view the site from reddit, you can now easily promote, demote, and save the site without leaving the page. Something I found to be even more interesting though when using the frame is the link, “i’m feeling serendipitous,” that when clicked will bring you to a random page listed at reddit. Keep clicking and you will be directed to more and more pages that you may not have come across before that are waiting for you to rank them. Very entertaining and I can sit here for hours just using it.

I suggest setting up the reddit bookmarklets and get bookmarking! I absolutely love reddit and hope you will too. It is extremely light weight, very entertaining, has a cute alien for the logo, and has proved to be an excellent source of “what’s new online.” Give reddit a try and tell me what you think. I don’t feel reddit is a service that you turn to for all your bookmarking like, but it really is a great resource that I now use every day.

View reddit – what’s new online.

Update: If you are interested in reddit, you may want to follow up on this great interview with reddit from The Geek Guy Rants.

14 Comments on “Have you reddit?”

  1. jc says:

    I’d like to know more about the people doing the scoring. I spent about 5 minutes paying attention attention to the moderation of posts at Slashdot, until a clear mental image of a typical Slashdot poster formed in my head: unwarrantly glib male in immediate post-pubsecent stage. Lately, the tone of comments on Digg convinces me it attracts the same sub-species.

    Short of forcing people to complete biographical surveys, I dunno how to do it. But, it wold be nice to know if the virtual folks doing the scoring are also people I’d trust if I met them.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    I can see what you are saying, JC, and this is something that I too have given some thought. But reddit actually does help you find trust in its members by its unique karma system that I have explained. When a members submitted site gets promoted, their karma goes up. So, karma can give you an idea of the kind of person they are. You can also view what sites members have submitted, promoted, and even demoted which can also help give you an idea. But giving biographical surveys may be a little on the extreme side. I do see what you are seeing and see it to be a growing problem on the internet. But reddit definitely does do a great job and the members submit excellent sites. Definitely well worth the look. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Chris P. says:

    I think that by and large, the items on Reddit’s top 50 tend to be pretty interesting reads. On another note, if you are familiar with Paul Graham and the Y Combinator (for tech start-ups), then you may find it interesting that reddit is one of the ventures that was chosen to receive VC funding from Graham’s firm.

    I had a post reach #10 on reddit’s hot list, and it actually led indirectly to over 2100 hits in just three days. I love to use reddit to boost traffic, but it also provides you with a barometer that can help you gauge the general quality of your blog entries (or site content).

    I highly recommend it for finding good reads on the net!

  4. Russell says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I learned
    I can change my Karma by deleting my low score submittals. I also learned that my blog posts scored negative numbers.

    I submitted to posts from other sites that are gaining popularity.

  5. Brian Benzinger says:

    Hey Russell, thanks for the comment. Interesting that the karma changes as you delete low scored sites. Sad to hear that some of your posts were getting negative scores. After seeing the type of sites and articles submitted to reddit, it seems as if most are from high end news sites or big stories, which is great. I’ve submitted one of my posts before and got fairly decent results.. but I haven’t submitted any others of my own yet.

    I see that three sites you have submitted are on the main page right now. Very cool. :-) Good submittals.

  6. The Geek Guy Rants says:

    If you haven’t reddit you are missing out.

    Well I was hoping to get the jump on the big name bloggers on reddit but Brian Benzinger at Solution Watch beat me to it. Oh well lesson learned time to move on. I have been sending emails back and forth with the guys at reddit Steve Huffman & Ale…

  7. Omer says:

    Brian, the karma system sounds like it will reinforce the dork slant, not reduce it.

    This appears to be just a bad Digg clone, but where the users are largely Paul Graham groupies.

  8. booboo says:

    This site is quite a bit like Digg. except that the focus seems to be on articles that talk about startups, weird science and Paul Graham. it could do with a little more diversity. But that’s just my opinion.

    reddit is a good site as I am very interested in all things STARTUP.

  9. Carsten says:

    I agree, Reddit is another great resource. But it will remain to be seen if it can become as popular as Digg, which has a big head start.

  10. Russell's Ramblings says:

    Links – Reddit, Yahoo Mail RSS, vSocial, Seinfeld Auditions

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    TechCrunch ? RSS is Now Integrated
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    into the Yahoo Mail beta experience. extend your firefox 581%
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  14. 3spots says:

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