RSS Mad is a new RSS Directory that is more then just your average directory. I was surprised to see that RSS Mad not only is a directory that accepts feed submissions, but it is also a feed reader. The service allows you to view any feed using their feed reader without the need to register, but when you do register to RSS Mad, you can subscribe to any feed and view them in their online feed reader from the “My feeds” area. There were some minor issues that I had here and there with the service, but overall, I am happy with it. RSS Mad is fairly new (as of writing this, there are only 24 registered users), so maybe they will take some of my feedback into consideration. Lets take a look.

(Note: This will open up to feed details for Micro Persuasion)

I first want to talk about the directory itself. The directory is split into ten different categories with each having sub-categories. You can see all of them at once by taking a look at the sitemap or by viewing each individual category. Alright, let me start this off with the first issue that I am sure most of you will spot immediately. Where is the search form? I could not find any way to search for a feed in the directory. The directory itself is very nice, and as I can see growing pretty quickly. But I think that being able to search for a feed is a definite must. I was having a rough time just trying to find out if my blog was in the directory or not. But besides there not being a search, the directory is really well layed out. You can see a list of featured feeds, 10 most popular feeds, and also a list of recently added feeds. What I really liked was that when you do find a feed in the directory and view it, it will open up their feed reader so you can take a look at the most recent posts from the site and allow you to add the feed to your “My feeds” area, if you are registered.

RSS Mad’s strong point is the ability for anyone to register to get access to their “My feeds” area that allows you to subscribe to feeds turning RSS Mad into a pretty nice online feed reader. You can add and remove any RSS feed along with the adding and removing of folders so you can organize them. You can also move feeds after adding them to different folders, but you cannot edit the feeds or folders. I don’t feel that editing them is that important, but it does help. Each feed is then nicely listed on the left and into their assigned folders, if they belong in a folder. You can then click on a feed to view the latest feed entries. Each entry is nicely displayed, and for the most part, the HTML formatting seems to come out just fine. Although, I did have one very minor annoyance when viewing entries. When an entry comes up that has a lot of links, the underlined red links seemed a bit over-powering and made it harder to focus on the content of the post (in my personal opinion). For each entry listed, you can also click on the “e-mail this article” link that allows send any article to an email address. But, there is one problem with this. It doesn’t work! It sent the email to me, but the email simply says, “view this feed,” and links to an invalid URL. Not even a title. Maybe they are still working on this? Either way, it is definitely something that needs to be looked at.

As I have said, when you register to RSS Mad, you can subscribe to feeds and add folders to organize them. When inside of the “My feeds” area, you will see two buttons under the “My favorite feeds” header. The left one for creating folders and the other for adding a feed. When adding a feed, you can optionally select to add it to a folder that you have created and then choose the feeds category and sub-category that RSS Mad uses. In the screenshot above, you will notice that when you select a category from the list, it will then use Ajax to load the sub-categores right below it and say, “Loading.” You can then add a description for the feed and add it. Nice and simple. Now, I know this is a feed directory and that the focus probably isn’t for the feed reader itself, but it would definitely be nice to be able to import OPML files. The only problem with this though is that I would imagine it being hard for the developers to make it assign the feeds to the correct RSS Mad categories. But either way, the feeds area is a great addition and I was surprised to see an online feed reader in a RSS directory.

RSS Mad is an excellent service. You can find feeds in the RSS directory, view them in their feed reader, and even save the feeds to your feeds area that you get when registering. Hopefully soon we will also get a way to search for feeds. As I have said, there are a few issues as of now, but the service is still very new and feel that it just needs some time to get everything together. I doubt that it is “the largest archive of RSS feeds on the internet,” but it certainly is worth a look. In time, I would hope that it does grow to be a good sized database of feeds because the service does have potential to be something big. What are your thoughts about RSS Mad? Do you like how it has an online feed reader and would you make the switch from your usual reader of choice?

View RSS Mad – RSS Directory and Feed Reader (via Basement).

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  1. Kimmo. » Syvähakua says:

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  2. genbeta says:

    RSS MAD: Noticias y agregador de feeds

    RSS MAD es un, vamos a llamarlo “portal”, donde puedes ver las noticias que sigue a través de RSS y ordenadas en canales. Los feeds más populares, los recién añadidos y por categorías. Además, tiene su propio agregador de RSS al más…

  3. web-zweinull says:

    RSS Mad – der Über-Feed-Aggregator (Update)

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  4. Matt says:

    Thank you for the very nice review! Yes, we are a new site and there are definetely some errors to iron out. With regards to the search function, that will be implemented over the next few days (can’t wait!). Any other errors you happen to spot, please email

  5. Glen C. says:

    I don’t know, I’m reluctant to leave bloblines for anything because it works so well

  6. Brian Benzinger says:

    Matt, thanks for the comment and glad to see that you are implementing a search feature. I’m excited to give it a try! If I do spot anything else, I’ll be sure to contact you. Thanks!

    Glen, I agree. RSS Mad does work great, but once someone gets stuck in using a feed reader, such as Bloglines, they tend to get used to it and wouldn’t want it any other way. I do love how there is a whole feed directory though at hand when using RSS Mad! Thanks for the comment!

  7. Rob Tench says:

    Have RSS Mad gone down ? For the last 2 days I have not been able to access it !? Anyone know what is happening ? Have a good day :o)