Technorati has recently released a new tool that was made to help out with our habit to stay on top of hot topics and sites linking back to our sites. It is called Technorati Mini, but don’t take the name too literal, because it definitely is big. The Technorati Mini is a small popup window that stays “obsessively” up-to-date by searching any term or site address every 60 seconds. Now that is what I call real-time search results. When you make a search at Technorati, you will see on the top right a button for the Mini that says, “View in Mini.” When you click on this button, it will open up the results in a small popup that when leaving open will update every 60 seconds.

Steve Rubel has made a great suggestion of placing the Mini in your Firefox sidebar so it will always be visible as you use Firefox. I also came across a great idea from Library Clips that talks about searching through an OPML file. If this were possible, it would act like a mini feed reader that updates every 60 seconds with the lastest posts from the feeds in an OPML. Now that would be something.

One last thing. Before using Technorati Mini, take note of there legal disclaimer! “Technorati Mini may be habit-forming. Do not operate a motorized vehicle while using Technorati Mini. May cause excitement and/or nostalgia for Web 1.0. Minors should discuss using Technorati Mini with their parents. Technorati Mini may annoy popup-blockers. Do not taunt Technorati Mini.

View Technorati Mini.

4 Comments on “Technorati Mini isn’t that mini”

  1. Paul Stamatiou says:

    I didn’t even know mini existed. Thanks for pointing it out. I don’t really think it has a use for me, but something to waste time is always welcomed.

  2. Ben Dyer says:

    Hey thats a great app, I have been using as a news portal but this may just take over.

    Well done all.

  3. Brian Benzinger says:

    Great, glad I could be of some help, guys . It’s a small but handy tool. I wont be using it for simple searching, but if I want to keep track of a specific topic, definitely. They did a great job. Thanks for the comments.

  4. blogvp says:

    Technorati Launches Mini

    Technorati has launched their Mini version.
    What does it do?
    Basically it searches Technorati every 60 seconds and displays the results in a small window so you can stay on top of the latest updates as they come in. Pretty Interesting.
    Per Solu…