Wow, now this was unexpected. has just redesigned! The original design was very nice and simple. Very easy to read and a very memorable design. But the new design is surprisingly better.. and white! now shows recent links and popular links on the main page. Something that definitely makes browsing a whole lot better. Here is a screenshot:

As far as I can tell, the main page is really the only page that had significant layout adjustments. All the other pages seem to fit the same old design, except with the new color, white. You will also notice that it has a help box that drops down when you click the link, “what are these?” If I had to suggest one thing, it would be to make the tag and user links darker! They are a light blue on a bright white. Maybe it is just me though. I also like how there is a “seconds ago” column. Very nicely designed, I didn’t think it could be this much better then it already was!

5 Comments on “ Redesigns”

  1. Lisa McMillan says:

    Agreed! They are definitely on the right track. Though I wish they’d lose the ‘link blue’. I find that it dates the design and as you mentioned it’s just not high enough contrast on the white background. I love delicious though, and I’ll be there all day every day for a long long time. Link blue or not, this is one service that you just can’t do without anymore.

    I can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of it. Minor UI improvements go a long way… they seem to really be thinking the layout through. Me likes. :-)

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Yeah, im anxious to see if there are going to be any other adjustments throughout the other pages of delicious. Personally, I would like to see the page where you submit your bookmarks to be adjusted. Me likes too! :)

  3. Glen C. says:

    I was really confused today when I was checking bloglines today and on a whim went to the popular page and lo and behold! A redesign! What is going on?

    I searched technorati to find any news about the redesign. No results! What is going on, I ask myself. I was totally confused.

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  5. deletedsoul says:

    I used the site mildly in the past, and was going to go full scale recently (about 2 months ago), but the “import” feature has been broken “for a few days”. I would love to use delicious, but I am not adding 500 links manually.

    As far as the design goes, I like it. I am enjoying the crop of Web 2.0 designs, though I am sure it will start changing as people get used to the new interfaces on their favorite site.