Zurpy is a new social service that was made to help you organize and share your life online. It has a mix of social bookmarking, photo galleries, feeds, and even social networking. Zurpy is currently in pre-release mode and is not accepting signups at this time, unless you have a sign up code. I managed to get my sign up code and talked with the creators of Zurpy. Lucky for you, they have allowed me to provide a sign up code for the first 100 visitors of Solution Watch that want to sign up! So, head on over to Zurpy and sign up using the code, tr74657374696e675f73, before it’s too late!

Everything that you store in Zurpy can be either shared or private. You can store bookmarks, notes, photos, feeds, friends, and you can even send and receive messages. All items can be added from your Zurpy profile or through the two Zurpy buttons (bookmarklets) that they provide for saving bookmarks and notes from any website. What I like about Zurpy is that you can tag and share everything! Don’t worry if you don’t want to share because you can make anything private as well. Another feature that I liked was that you do not have to be a member of Zurpy to view profiles. This is great because you can now easily send your photos, notes, and anything else to anyone.

You can also build a network of friends with Zurpy. When viewing a profile or simply coming across a bookmark, you may want to keep note of the person or make friends with them. To do this, all you have to do is add the member to your friends list and they will then appear in your friends section. You can now view your friends recent activity and even send and receive messages, sort of like a forums Private Messaging system. When receiving a message, it will appear in the Inbox section of Zurpy where you can view, remove, and reply to your messages. Another area that I felt Zurpy has done a great job on is the feeds section. It shows the last four posts from each feed that you add and when adding a feed, you can also tag them for better organization.

The last area that I want to mention is the community page. This is the page that you view to see what people are linking to using Zurpy. It is your basic social bookmarking, except with a few extra features. You can view any links info page that allows you to view popular tags used for the link as well as rate and comment on the link. But, one thing that I couldn’t find is where the ratings are put to use. I don’t see any ratings when viewing links and I also can’t find anything to sort links by rating. Zurpy is still in the works though, so maybe they are working on this. I am also hoping to see more in the community, such as viewing of recent photos and being able to view feeds from a tag cloud, like the links.

Overall, Zurpy is an excellent social service. It makes it very easy to manage everything you collect, the design is clean and simple, and being able to keep a list of friends to keep up with is also a very nice touch. There are a few suggestions that I feel would make the service even better though. For one, you are only able to upload JPG and JPEG photos. If possible, a few other image formats would be great. The feeds area also two features that I feel are important that Zurpy did not. First, importing of OPML files and secondly, an easy way to add feeds without having to be in your profile. Maybe it would be possible to integrage a feed detection when using the bookmark button? Other then that, everything was great. I’m going to be using this to share photos and links with my family. Great work to the Zurpy team.

Remember – First 100 visitor signups are up for grabs when using the signup code, tr74657374696e675f73.

View Zurpy – Organize and share your life online.

8 Comments on “Zurpy: Share your life. First 100 signups are up for grabs!”

  1. Alterion says:

    hey seems pretty cool. Signed up and looks like the sevrice i was loking for. Same limitationss/benifts as you said really. I genreally like to use png’s. for images so irts a bit of a pian.. maybe i’ll write more on my zurpy oage when i’ve explored

  2. Bri says:

    As a developer for Zurpy, I can say that we completely agree with all the improvements you suggested and that they are all on our to-do list.

  3. deletedsoul says:

    Looks awesome, thanks for the code! I will mill around a bit and see what I can find!

  4. GetSpot Now says:

    Zurpy, Share Your Life ?

    I saw zurpy on solutionwatch and since its a free give registeration code, i just give it a try ..
    what i think about Zurpy after playing with it some time, i would say it might suitable for those lazy bug, or social application beginner because of …

  5. Thomas Madrid says:

    My thoughts on Zurpy:

    Short story: Nothing New Here.

    Long story: Looks like yet another Web 2.0 Bandwagoner. The name is terrible, and frankly, I’ll be impressed if this sticks with the web populace once it comes out of beta. The links import functionality doesn’t like my firefox bookmarks export file, the profile editing capabilities are limited, even for someone who doesn’t much get into things like myspace, friendster, etc. It’s definitely simple to use and get around, but rather than coming off as utilitarian, it just looks lacking. The web 2.0 apps here don’t really appear too impressive. If all the nifty-neato-ness is in the back end, they missed what web 2.0 is about by a country mile. The font size is a pain in the ass; want to get fancy with a web 2.0 kinda thing? Make typeface formatting a save-able option in your profile. The colors are weak, go bold. Another thing, how do you communicate with the community besides via the links? They have a lot of competition and they’re not doing anything better than anyone else. They need to keep working on it.

  6. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks, Thomas. You are correct that they have a way to go. I believe the reasoning for the pre-release is to gain feedback, so I am sure your comment is appreciated by them. You have mentioned they should have more in the community, as did I in my post, so lets hope that they do. Zurpy, to me, seems like the ideal solution for people getting introduced to the whole social experience of the internet. I could send my mother to Del.icio.us, Flickr, etc., but will she understand it? Certainly not. Zurpy makes it very simple and inviting for anyone to get in and get going. To me, it seems to be a perfect for families and friends. You can share links, photos, notes, send messages to eachother, etc.. Thanks for the comments and I am sure your opinions are very helpful to them.

  7. 3spots says:

    HO? I’ve also tested it and I removed it from my list because I didn’t see where it was social….that was 2 weeks ago.

  8. Bri says:

    Hey Brian,

    Update: Zurpy went through a huge overhaul and is now in public beta.