MighTyV is an interesting service that has won the BBC Backstage Competition. It is a service that is designed to help you keep up on your favorite TV and Radio shows. Through there easy to use service, you can select from a listing of channels, view TV and Radio schedules depending on your selected channels, view what is currently on TV, and more. I don’t watch too much TV myself, but hopefully with this service, I can get back into watching my favorite show, Mythbusters (anyone else?).

MighTyV was developed using Perl and a nice touch of Ajax throughout the service. From selecting channels, viewing schedules, and searching for shows, Ajax is used quite nicely. You’ll first see it in use when you signup and add your channels. It shows a listing of available channels on the right and an area for your channels on the left. All you do is click and drag on a channel and drag it into your area and it will update your listing. If you want to remove a channel, you can drag it to the trash. The next area that caught my eye was the actual showtime listings, which you can see above. It shows all the channels that you have selected along the top with shows for the time of the day beneath the channel. When placing your mouse over a show, it will use Ajax to grab the content from BBC and tell you what the show is. I really like how the schedule was layed out and made it easy for me to get an easy overview of my favorite channels.

How does MighTyV help you keep up with shows? You select shows that you are interested in, rate them, tag them, and it will add it to your schedule of shows to “record.” You then go to the “Your Schedule” section and it will give an overview of shows that you have rated/tagged and the times they are to play during the week. If you aren’t interested in one of the shows, you can take it off the list by selecting to not record it, although this seemed to act up a bit when I was giving it a try. Another thing I liked about the schedule area was that not only can you see when your favorite shows are going to play, but you can get a code to insert your schedule on your website using a simple script.

If you watch a lot of TV, maybe give MighTyV a try. I don’t watch too much TV myself, but hopefully now that I can see when my favorite shows are playing, maybe I can make some time for them. Congratulations to the MighTyV team for winning the BBC Backstage contest.

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