Ziggs is an new service, currently in Beta, that allows you to create a professional online presence for yourself and increase your online visibility. You are given the ability to create a profile and add it to the Ziggs database, which currently has over 3 Million professionals listed, and also get listed in their search results. The profiles look great and fairly similar, content and organization wise, to profiles of LinkedIn, except you do not have to be a member to view profiles and it is not about connecting to networks. You can fill in your biography, background (work and educational experiences), interests, an interview of yourself, and methods of contact. There are some really great features with Ziggs and if you are into putting your profile on the web, I recommend giving Ziggs a look.

(This will direct you to my Ziggs Profile)

Before I continue talking about Ziggs, it is important that you see what a Ziggs Profile looks like. Take a look at my Ziggs Profile. When you create a profile, you will uses the Ziggs Profile Manager and Profile Creator, or if you prefer, you can even have Ziggs simply direct anyone that comes across your name to any website with your profile (if you have a profile on an existing website, you can direct searchers to that page from Ziggs results). But what happens once you setup your profile and what can you do with your profile? Like I have said previously, Ziggs will add you to their index of professionals and companies, which can then appear in Ziggs search results. Not only that, but you can also view statistics of search activity, profile views, and even emails from the Profile Manager using their “ZTrac Reporting.” What if your not happy with Ziggs search results or their basic statistics overview? What if you want more visibility? No problem, Ziggs can take care of this too with just a small fee of $4.95 a month with their WebPro Service. When you signup for the WebPro Service, Ziggs will add your profile to major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and give you a top position as a sponsored result. On top of that, Ziggs will notify you in real-time every time a visitor reviews your Ziggs profile via any search engine. But don’t only rely on search results, hand out your profile! Give it to your friends, clients, employers, or even link to it on your sites. If you want to know more about how Ziggs works, take a look at their about page, What is Ziggs?

When you signup to Ziggs, you will get access the Profile Manager. This is the area where you can can access the profile creator, view statistics, change search terms and other features, such as ZAlerts (which I will go over soon). First, it is important to take not of the “Search Management” area. This is where you will let Ziggs know if you want to create a profile or just link to an already existing profile. Also it is important to fill in the keywords section as well as this will help with your search result visibility. The next step that you would want to do is to actually create your profile (like the one above), if you aren’t just directing to an existing profile. I’m going to go over the profile creator in a little bit. First, I want to mention the ZTrac and ZAlert features. ZTrac is much like your basic statistic reports of traffic coming to a website. You can see how many visits your profile has received, how many times you have been found by search results, and even email statistics on how many times your email has been clicked or the ZMail feature has been used, which is Ziggs email forwarding feature. It is great being able to view statistics like this and makes it comforting being able to see that people are actually coming across your profile. Now lets talk about ZAlerts. ZAlerts is a tool that Ziggs has created that basically allows you to save a search and get results that meet your terms daily as they get added. For example, if I am interested in PHP Programmers in the Connecticut area, I can create a ZAlert named, “PHP Programmers” and fill in a search with the keyword, PHP, and select the state as Connecticut. When I view the ZAlert, I can then see a listing of results. But what is great about ZAlerts is that Ziggs will notify you when a new profile is created that meets your terms so I do not have to keep searching myself. So, with that in mind, PHP Programmers in Connecticut, I have my eye on you! Alright, lets make this review more interesting now. Lets get creating our profiles.

The Profile Creator makes it very easy to create a professional looking profile within minutes, although I do recommend spending more then a few minutes on the content. When you first enter the profile creator, I would first focus on the left column and get that basic information filled in. You can provide a photo of your self and then write in your basic contact information using their contact information form. Once you get the left column how you want it, it is then time to start adding more content about yourself. Each section in the profile is optional, but I recommend filling them all in. The first page is on your biography. You can enter a quote and obviously, your biography. Both which Ziggs makes very easy for you to do. When you add a quote, it allows you to search for quotes and select one or simply look at random quotes and select one. As for your biography, you can either insert your own content, or you can use their “Bio Builder,” which is a form that you fill out that asks questions about employment, education, and other general information. It will then create a well outlined biography for you. Now, the next section that I feel is the most important fo all, the background section. This is what will list all of your professional and educational history. You can add jobs and other experiences in the “Work History” area using their easy to use form. It only asks you for basic information, which is good enough for me, but one thing that I would like to see is a way for us to add endorsements from people for each position. This way, when someone views my profile, they can see what people have to say about my work history, which can be very helpful.

There are also sections for the profile that viewers can see an interview of you, your interests, and contact information. I personally really liked the interview section. How it works is simple. Ziggs will give you a list of questions, you select questions you want to answer, and then answer them. The questions along with your answers will then be seen in your profile under the interview section. The questions are professional mannered, but they allow your profile viewers to get an idea of who you really are. Questions about your job, your favorite book, hobbies, and some more personal questions. The interests section is simply a section that allows you to add some of your favorite websites, or your own, and also add some of your favorite things, like favorite color, icecream, and just other random things. The last section that I want to go over is the contact section. You can add your basic contact information on this page, such as email, phone, and address, but what I found interesting was the ZMail feature. ZMail is a secure email forwarding tool that Ziggs has created so you do not have to give out your personal contact information. Basically, they create an email address in the formation of random numbers followed by “@zmail.ziggs.com.” When someone uses that email address, it will forward the email directly to you. I have tested this myself, and I am not sure if it is because I sent it to myself, but I haven’t received the email yet and its been a few hours. I’ll give it some time though.

Once you get your profile all created, you are ready to go! Start handing out your profile and if you are serious about getting found in search results, consider their WebPro service that will include you as sponsored results on top search engines. I have seen some promising (search result comparison) comments about Ziggs. I’m going to start throwing my profile around and see how things work out.

If you have used Ziggs, please tell me what you think about it!

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    Looks good, shame Ziggs dont seem to remember that people live outside the states. :(