BubbleShare is a new photo-sharing service that allows you to very easily create photo albums with no registration and then share them with anyone in a matter of minutes. The intent of the project is to help you share your stories by creating your photo albums and sharing them. In BubbleShare’s initial launch post, they mention how it is not meant to be a simple web-based slideshow, but rather a work of art. I feel they did an excellent job and have made it extremely simple to use. I have made a few albums, tested around, and gathered my notes. Now, lets take a look at BubbleShare.

BubbleShare had mentioned that they wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to share your photos. Well, they certainly have. The first page you are presented with actually is the upload page where you select your photos and add them to the list for it to use for your album. You will see a button, “Add Photo.” When you click on this it will bring up your computers Open file window so you can select a photo. As you can see in the screenshot, in Windows, I have selected to view thumnail view so I can view the photos and then add them. When you select a photo it will add it to the list and the “Create Album” button will then allow you to select it. Make sure you have added all the photos you want before you click on the button. Once you do it will load them up and process your album. Also note that if you wanted to selected multiple photos at once, you can try to use the Enhanced Uploader that they provide a link for below the buttons.

When you click on the “Create Album” button, it will bring you to a page that looks like the above. You will see a progress bar starting at 0% and will actually upload and process each photo you have selected as you fill out the form below. Once it reaches 100%, submit the form and you will then be directed to the Slideshow Editor. This is really neat because the progress indicator actually is real-time and does not require the page to reload because I am assuming the use of Ajax. You will also receive two emails (I would prefer only one though). One that gives you the link to a page that you can manage your album and another email for the address you can share with your friends so they can view it. Now lets look at the Slideshow Editor.

The Slideshow Editor allows you to change the order or the slideshow, remove photos, change the name and descriptions, add/remove comments, and the part that got me excited was audio caption recording, which I will mention below. In the screenshot above, you see a row of thumbnails. You can take these thumnails and drag them left or right to organize the album the way you want it. You can also click on the little x’s to delete them. To manage a photo, just click on the thumnail and you will then be able to change the caption, add comments, and what I find really cool, the Audio Caption feature. But there is one thing that is missing . You cannot add photos once the album has been created. This means that when you create it for the first time, make sure you have all the photos. I’d hope that BubbleShare is working on this because it would definitely be good to have. Other than that, everything worked great.

Above, I mentioned that there is a feature in the Slideshow Editor called, “Audio Caption.” What you do is select the photo that you want to add a caption for and then click on the button on the left menu that says, “Audio Caption.” It will then bring up a box that will tell you that you can record your voice for up to 30 seconds starting once you click “record.” If you clicked on the record button for the first time, Macromedia Flash may come up with a setting box asking if you want to allow for recording. Select yes and then the recording will begin! You can describe your photo, talk about your story, or whatever it may be. When you are done, click on the “Stop” button. You can then select to record again, play what you have already made, save it for the photo, or cancel it if you decide not to use an audio caption. If you decided to save the recording, it will add a play button next to a speaker icon on the bottom right of the photo. Works great and is definitely a great feature.

Now the only thing left to do is to share your album! Here is one I made for when I was testing it out (and yes, they are my own photos). When you are the creator of the album, BubbleShare will remember that it is you and will not ask for your name or email when commenting, but if you aren’t the creator, you will see a comment text area. When you click on “Comment,” it will then slide down and give you two more fields for your name and email. The album uses Ajax and also allows you to play the slideshow instead of doing next and previous. You can also subscribe to comment feeds or subscribe to receive an email for comments from a photo you have commented on. You may also be wondering how you can get a permanent link to a photo. Simply go to the thumbnail view and copy the location of a thumbnail. I do feel that they should provide this link on the photos page itself though to make it easier to grab it.

Mac OS X users! You can even download a plugin for iPhoto that will allow you to actually create an album by using your existing photos in iPhoto! I would imagine that this would make it a whole lot simpler for you if you already use iPhoto.

If you want to keep up on news and updates with BubbleShare, you can read the BubbleShare Weblog.

View Bubble Share Photo-sharing.

Update: The BubbleShare Weblog seems to be down right now. I will keep the links active in the meantime incase it gets back up again.

14 Comments on “Tell your story with BubbleShare Photo-sharing”

  1. Albert Lai says:

    Thank you for your interest and amazing review of BubbleShare.

    Your detailed comments are appreciated, and they are logged and used as a part of our development process.

    There’s a couple of items I’d like to address. You mentioned that there’s no way to add photos additional photos to an existing album. Based on your feedback, and many others, we’ve moved this feature to the top of the list and should be offering this ability to our users (VERY!) shortly. We’ve been hard at work on this, and have been testing it internally, so I hope you’ll be able to see it soon!

    I hope we’ll hear from you again again, and that you’ll continue to provide us feedback and help us improve our system though your comments.

    Thanks again from me and the team here at BubbleShare.

    – Albert, CEO, BubbleShare

  2. subba says:

    Hi Brain,
    Great job for keeping all this good latest info analyzed and presented. Surprised to learn you are just 18 . You have great future.

    I read your blogs as often as I get time. They are packed with soooo much info..
    i completly agree with your words.

    Actually what we need is sites like yours, specializing in products even with more detailed content. check out consumerreports.org the print magazine gives so much research on each products, people do not need to shop and waste time.
    your is some thing similar on the web.
    The whole concept of ‘Advertisement’ on the web is bogus, it is people wasting time , all the products and services should be analyzed by set of sites ( and people will pay for it). I am confident the concept will come, may be it may take another 2 to 3 years

  3. Brian Benzinger says:

    Albert. I am glad that my review has helped your developements. I will keep my eyes pealed for your updates and subscribe to your weblog feed. Once again, excellent work.

    Subba. Thank you very much for the kind comment :-) I will also go take a look at the ConsumerReports.org. Thanks again!

  4. robnoxious says:

    I came across BubbleShare yesterday and I am very impressed with the ease of use and simplicity. I love the fact that you can create slideshows and share them with others … and registration is not required.

    Two things BubbleShare needs to add to their site is:
    1) A FAQ page.
    2) A Contacts page (or form).

    My main question is how long do the photos remain on their server? Other questions are, how can I delete albums? Will there be a ‘users main page’ to access their albums in one spot so I don’t have to keep all of the emails.

    Thanks for a great review of the application and good luck with this site.

    I hope BubbleShare responds soon, they have been proactive to this point.


  5. Albert Lai says:

    Thanks all for the comments.

    Rob: We’re working on both those points right now. I just forwarded your comments to the team. We will get an FAQ and better contacts page/form out shortly.

    We are currently in beta, and are trying to answer some of those questions ourselves. Its our wish to provide with the highest quality of service possible.

    Right now the only way you can delete albums is if you delete all the pictures within the album. We will be looking at allowing users to delete their albums as well in a future release.

    As for a users main page, again, I’ve forward that are request, and its most certainly on our (long) list of things to do. =)

    We’re eager to get to that as well.

    Keep checking back for updates. We’re continually releasing new features based on user requests like yours.

    – Albert, CEO, BubbleLabs

  6. Robnoxious says:

    Albert –
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I was trying to use BubbleShare tonight but had trouble upload photos. It was choking on the first image using FireFox 1.7 on XP.

    The file was rather large, taken with a 6.3MP camera. But the file uploaded successfully in basic mode with IE.

    Who can I work with and address these issues with.

    I really love this product and would like to help beta test it. Is there someone I can email/submit to?

    Thanks again,

  7. Albert Lai says:


    I’ve passed on your problem/bug to our development team. If you don’t mind, drop me your email address via email at Albert *~AT~* BubbleLabs.com, or Bugs@bubblelabs.com

    I expect that you were having problems with teh Flash based uploader, which is still an experimental beta development of ours (one of the first implantations that we know of for photos). We’ll endeavor to solve your issue ASAP.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    – Albert, CEO, BubbleLabs

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    Photo sharing simplified

    Solution Watch gives a good review of Bubbleshare which looks promising as a means of easily sharing your photos without having to clear membership and setup hurdles. You can even quickly integrate a slide show right into a blog post.

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    Bubble Share


  12. dj says:

    When I first use bubbleshare ,Audio Caption is not available.It shows “connecting please wait” for a longtime.Can you help me?

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