TechWeb is at it again for round two of the BLOG-X Awards for this years best tech blogs. I’ve come across a few blogs mentioning the event, so I figured, why not give Solution Watch a try? I may not be as big as the other blogs getting nominated, but I’d rather give it a try instead of just watching. If you like my blog, I would very much appreciate it if you would nominate Solution Watch.

If you have been following up on my blog since the beginning, I am sure you have noticed a big change in my blogging, technology being covered, and my style of writing. Taking a look at my first month of Solution Watch and then comparing it to now, I am sure you can see how much it has changed. As time passed by, I have been accepted into the 9rules Network. Since then, I have met many people and upped my standards of writing. I am now also part of the Web 2.0 Workgroup and I couldn’t be happier what with has been accomplished so far. Of course, I owe a lot of what has been accomplished because of my readers. Without your support, Solution Watch wouldn’t be where it is today.

TechWeb allows you to nominate up to five technology blogs that are published independently or are part of a major publishing company. What do the finalists win? “Ten finalists receive a “2005 TechWeb Blog-X Awards Finalist” logo and six months of promotion across TechWeb Network sites. The winner receives a special “2005 TechWeb Blog-X Awards Winner” logo and (to keep those blogging juices flowing late into the night) a $500 coffee card from Starbucks.” Yes, you read that correctly. $500 bucks worth of coffee from Starbucks! Of course, that is not the only thing I would be happy about, but certainly is a major plus!

Nominate Solution Watch if you find it to be among your favorite tech blogs. It would mean a great deal to me.

3 Comments on “BLOG-X Awards and $500 dollars worth of coffee.”

  1. Miha says:

    I just voted for your site.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thank you very much, Miha. I really appreciate it. Nice blog, by the way. I see that its brand new! Great work so far. Subscribed!

    I’ll also take this opportunity to thank everyone else that has been nominating me. I know of a few of you that have and sent me an email. Thank you all for your support! :)


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