I have recently signed up to a new service called, Vizu, that is a website dedicated to interactive polls, public opinions, researching, and at the same time having fun doing it! Don’t think that Vizu is just a normal poll website. It is much more than that and you can thank the strong Vizu Community for that. When entering the site, you will see a question along with a pie chart, just to give you a glimpse of the action. Clicking this will bring up a poll that you can answer. But don’t just vote as a guest because you are missing out on quite a bit. When you signup, you are given access to more data, the ability to discuss polls, participate with the community, and best of all, post your own polls. Lets take a walk through so you can see why I like the service so much.

Above is a screenshot of the main page. On the top you get a simple search field allowing you to search for a specific poll that seems to be return relavent polls depending on your keywords. Then, in the purple area, you can see an active poll. The hopes of the members are to create a poll that will cause a commotion and hopefully make it to the main page and get a lot of activity to get the poll answered. To browse for more polls, you can go to the top menu, hover over “View Polls” and then select your category of interest. I always tend to choose the Tehcnology category. You can then pick a poll from the listing. When you find one, click on it and you will be taken to the polls voting, descussion, and further analysis page.

As you can see, I have chosen a question that striked my interest, “Has Microsoft finally met its in Google?” I placed my vote (wonder what it was? hm) and then was able to see the overview page. You see the overall results in the pie chart (as seen above) along with tabs on the top that allow you to view the further analysis section. You also have an area for commenting and rating below. The comment text is a little hard to read against the background, but if you can make it out clearly, the conversations sometimes get very interesting. It is great seeing peoples mixed opinions and makes the poll a lot more enjoyable. On this page, right below the pie chart, you will also see that it provides you an easy method to send it as an email, send an instant message, subscribe to the RSS feed, and they even allow you to export the poll as an HTML document.

The further analysis page is a really helpful when looking at the results. Vizu has created a method, using member profiles, to allow you to filter the poll results by 12 different demographic filters. So, if you wanted to see the results from only people at the age of 20 that are male, then you can easily just select the filters and apply! It is really enjoyable to see how males vote in comparison to females. They are usually greatly different results. You can even filter by income, education, georgraphy, and more.

I have worked on my profile a little filling in some specs about myself. But now, the hard part is to create polls that will hopefully bring me to the top of the leader board. The leader board is what I see as the competitive area of Vizu. The leader board is full of what they call, “people who know what the world wants to buzz about,” who are really the best at creating polls (Polling Leaders). But the leader board is not only for who can poll, but who can vote as well. These people are the “Voting Leaders.” Don’t think it is easy to become a top poller or voter. You have to have your way with the community and also meet with the guidelines if you want to make it big. Things like accuracy, quality, and even consistency play a huge roll in becoming a leader. The community is large and competition is in the air… and polls.

Creating a poll is very simple, but their are 6 steps to completing one. Once you are a member, click on the menu item, “Create Polls.” You fill in your question and state if it is to be based on opinion or prediction. You can then provide information to go with your poll, keywords, categories, and then attributes that fit the poll. Once you submit this, you will then get to the second step. This is where you provide the type of poll, whether it is multiple choice, a range, or date. You also can choose if you want it to produce a pie chart or a bar graph when showing the results. You can provide up to as many as 10 answers to go along with a multiple choice question and the choice to randomly display them or show them as you entered. Then you continue onto the next step in that you choose add-ons. This allows you to include things like pictures to your poll. Then you continue to distribution, review, and finally completing the process of adding a poll. That wasn’t too bad, was it?

I have had a lot of fun using Vizu lately it is also a great way to pass the time. Viewing Vizu keeps me informed about what people want to know about, how they react about certain topics, and also makes for a lot of fun. A lot of polls even got me thinking for a good few minutes before submitting an answer. Hope you enjoy Vizu as much as I do!

View Vizu: Find out what the world thinks.

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  1. Nocavehoes says:

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