Yahoo! has really been working hard this week! Just yesterday I was excited to announce Yahoo! Podcasts. Today, they made a press release stating that they are to release blog searching within their Yahoo! News search. TechCrunch has notified me about the release and I was definitely shocked to see this. John Battelle jumped on it right away and also asked a question about how rankings are being done for the blog results and I too am curious about how this is done. The search really isn’t much at this point, but after looking at what Yahoo! has done so far, I am assuming there will be more…

The results appear on the right in a small box when you perform a search on Yahoo! News Search. The results show relevant articles from blogs, Flickr photos, and even My Web links. But this cannot be all, can it? As I stated above, my assumption is that there will be more features in time. On the bottom of the blog results, they provide a link, “More Blog Results…” When clicking this, it brings you to a blog search result page with the heading stating, “Blog Results BETA.”

View the results for the term, “Blogging.”

It then lists the results and provides more Flickr photos and My Web links on the right. I would imagine that they would create some kind of search field to reach this page only and I really don’t see why they wouldn’t add it. Till then, I am personally sticking with Google’s Blog Search. So, yesterday they released Yahoo! Podcasts, today blog searching. What’s next?

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  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    I have found that Yahoo’s blog search is not nearly as good as Google’s and other alternatives. Write up at

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks Marshall. I agree with you that Yahoo! Blog search is still not perfect and I too prefer Google’s Blog search. I’ll check out your write up. Thanks!

  3. Giridhar says:

    You can directly access the yahoo blog search page. I had read about it here


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