TechCrunch (his announcement) has just informed me that Yahoo! has just released a new service, Yahoo Podcasts, that is to be a directory of podcasts along with listening and searching of podcasts. John Furrier has posted an exclusive podcast with Geoff Ralston.

After listening to the podcast, I wrote down some notes and here are some of the key elements:

A prime focus with Yahoo Podcasts was to be pleasant, simple, and easy. They wanted to make it work as easily as it can for you to use the service with your jukeboxes and podcasting applications. They also were looking for more fun features such as when listening to a podcast on the web, you can speed it up and listen to it at a faster speed. As for the community, you can rate, view, tag, and they also allow the community to talk about podcasts. Geoff Ralston also says, “If you have a podcast we’re going to find you, and if we haven’t found you then you can come to our website and give us your RSS feed and we’ll get it into our index within 24 hours.”

This is amazing news and I am really excited to see how this all plays out in comparison to other services out there.

At this moment of posting, Yahoo Podcasts is not up as it is still propagating. TechCrunch has been informed by John that the press release will be issued shortly.

View Yahoo Podcasts.

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