Tasktoy is an excellent application that allows you to make a list of tasks and a list of notes for yourself. When making a task you are able to choose the category, project, time it starts with importance in time, and the color of the text (to give emphasis). You may also have the task set to repeat again at certain dates and times along with the ability to add notes to each task. You are given the ability to customize everything, as it seems.

My favorite area of the Tasktoy is the notes area. It is very clean and simple, and I love it. You first are presented with an input box that you enter the “Note Title / Search.” When you press enter, it will fill a box with the search results and if no results are found, it will ask if you want to create it as a note. Then, the cool part is when you are editing the notes. When you start editing, it will say, “Modified, press Ctrl-C to save.” How cool, you actually get to press a key shortcut to save your changes. And yes, it does use XMLHttpRequest for remote scripting.

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3 Comments on “Tasktoy Task and Note management”

  1. Toby Segaran says:

    Thanks for the mention! I’m having a lot of fun developing tasktoy and it’s great to hear that other people are enjoying using it.

    And I am particularly proud of the notes section :)

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