I have recently been on the lookout for a easy to use bookmark management site for my brother. He told me that he didn’t want anything to do with social bookmarking, tagging, or anything that doesn’t have any means of organization. On top of that, he asked for it to be web-based so he can access it from anywhere. I have found many bookmarking solutions, but man, he is tough to please. But, I have finally found something that he likes! It is called, MemeFlow. It is very lightweight, organized, simple, uses ajax, and it is just an all around great way to keep bookmarks.

The way that MemeFlow allows you to organize your links is very simple. You create blocks, each with their own title and description. You then place links inside of the blocks that you want. For example, you can create a block for design, programming, Web Standards, CSS Galleries, Blogs, etc.. When you add a link, place it in the block that you want. Next time you go, “Oh.. what was that great site with the cool design? Oh that’s right, here it is in the Design block.” You can have as many blocks as you need with as many links in them as you wish. You can change the titles, descriptions, positions, place links in them, and remove the blocks.

Adding a link takes no time at all. Click “Add item” and it will add a link inside of the block. It will say in the link you just added, “Click here to enter url.” Once you click it, it will turn into a text area, like what you see above. Click away and the URL will be set. To change the title, you have two options. Either click on the “title” link on the side of it to bring up a text area to change it or simply click the link. When you just click on the link it will direct you to the site. But, when you go back to MemeFlow, you will notice that the link now has the title of the website itself. Simple? Oh yes. Editing links is just like adding a link. Click on “url” to change the address, “title” to change the title, and “x” to remove it.

Still looking at the above screenshot, you see a number sign (#) next to all the links. The number sign actually allows you to click and drag the link to any of the other blocks that you have. Say you added a link in the wrong block and want to move it to the correct one. Just drag it on over and your all set.

You can also position the blocks where you want. Just click and drag on the top bar of a block and place it where you want. As you drag you will see the other blocks shift and the bordering change position to where you can place it.

One last key feature to MemeFlow is the “GoTo” bookmarklet. You may be saying, “I don’t want to have to go to MemeFlow and click add item every time I want to simply add a link.” Well, you don’t have to! When you signup, you will see in the news area a link for a bookmarklet that has been made (here it is just in case you can’t find it.). When you are at a site that you like, click on the bookmarklet and it will add it to the “Uncategorized Links” area (this is located on the right column when you add a link. You add this to your favorites). As you can see in the screenshot, I have the bookmarklet as a button on my Firefox toolbar for easy access. When you click on it, it will add it to the service for you. Now all you have to do is click and drag it to the block that you want! Easy? Oh yes, very easy.

Few more tidbits for you. Inside of MemeFlow, there are areas on the right column that give a little more information about your usage and other users usage. You can see “Top Ranked Links,” which are links most linked to from MemeFlow, “Top Visited Links,” which is an overview of most clicked links from all users, and lastly, “Your Top Visited Links,” which shows what links you click the most. That about covers it! I love this service, and I assure you, my brother is finally happy with managing his bookmarks now because of MemeFlow.

MemeFlow was created by Steve Lacey. Great work Steve!

MemeFlow – Your GoTo Page.

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  1. pixelpoke says:


    Steve Lacey doesn’t just do graphics work in ACES but also dabbles in web development. Looks like other…

  2. Joe Anderson says:

    That sounds good, will check out.

  3. deletedsoul says:

    I generally use Furl as my bookmark manager. It has excellent import/export options, allows rss feeds for the purpose of adding them to personal link pages, full categorization and configuration options. It CAN be used as a social bookmarking tool, but is most useful in pure organization.

    I am interested to see where MeMeFlow goes after the trail period, however!

  4. Library clips says:

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    All you do is save sites and organise them into a topic blocks.
    You can…

  5. 3spots • • • says:

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