DeletedSoul has pointed me to an excellent service called, BudgetTracker. It is a free service that allows you to manage pretty much everything that deals with money. BudgetTracker’s initial intention was to make a service to make it easy for people to manage their budgets, but as time went on, users have submitted suggestions and they have met their suggestions. It is now much more than just budgeting. You can manage your income, expenses, bills, transaction, calendars, and a whole lot more. This company is not new, it has been around since 2003, and because of this, they have expanded their services offering and it really is great. I have given it a try and I was very impressed with everything that I can do and I was especially surprised that the service was free. Let me note that I am just going through a few of the features. I would need to write a novel to cover everything else! Lets take a look.

The first page you come to when logging in your your info page that will provide you with a basic overview of your finances. You can see your income, bills, calendar, budget, and even your grocery list all on the main page. This allows you to quickly see how much money you have budgeted. Also, with the calendar being there, you can easily see if a bill is coming. Right now I can see that my phone bill is coming… yeah, anyways. How about we add some items that we need to budget now. These are things that you have to or feel the need to spend money on each month. Things like phone payments, car payments, entertainment, food, groceries, gas, etc..

Now, you have two ways of going for adding your budgets. You could go into the “My Budget” area, or you could use their “Budgeting Wizard.” Just to get an idea, I first used the “My Budget” area. I added a category, Bills, and then the sub category, Cell Phone. I set it to some bogus amount of money and told it to expect the payment each month starting on the day I receive the bill. This will now show up every month on the calendar. After doing this and seeing that working, I went and tried out the “Budget Wizard” that makes this a whole lot faster. The wizard is what you see above. It is a form of about 30 optional fields. They are fields asking for the amount of money you spend on gas, food, entertainment, bills, etc.. After going through the wizard, everything was filled out and it really dawns on you how much money you spend each month (ouch). My next step was to add to my income.

The income page is important. It is to track your total income so it can calculate into your budgets and bills. Adding an income is simple. Go to the bottom of the “My Income” page and you will see the form. You fill in the name, the start date, the recurrence (once a week, month, etc.), the amount, if it goes to a certain account, what category it belongs to, and lastly if you want it to show up on the calendar. Once this is in, it will now automatically handle your income. I have set one for work (note that the money amount is fake and is just meant for show here) and it will repeat each week on Thursday. Every Thursday a new record will show with the amount I have entered adding to my income.

BudgetTracker also allows you to view your calendar and all transactions that you have set. The calendar shows all the events, such as monthly payments, paychecks, and other expenses. Looking at this calendar kind of brings a sick feeling in my stomach though because I can now see how much money I am going to have to spend… oh joy. There is so much more that you can do with BudgetTracker. You can manage tasks, bookmarks, keep up with your stock portfolio, contacts, grocery list, financial book suggestions, budget calculator, reports, graphs, and the list goes on and on.

Honestly, I am very impressed with this service and find it amazing that it is free. Great work to the BudgetTracker team. You have been around for a while and it is clear that you try to meet everything that your users suggest. Great work.

View BudgetTracker (thanks DeletedSoul!).

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  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks Brian for the great review. We are very excited about where the company is headed. Once we started implementing most of our users ideas, the site really began to start taking off. We’ve settled down a bit on adding new features to start fine tuning our existing products based on surveys and e-mail requests. You should see many new enhancements to the site coming soon. Our current project envolves branding the site to be able to drop our content into websites anywhere from Financial Organizations to Coffee Shops. We are also working with Financial Organizations to give users Budgeting Tips and allow users to ask financial questions to specialists on the messageboard. Please feel free to send your ideas and suggestions to

  2. anon says:

    It is cool. I did the “guest” sign in and wandered through it. I’m going to recommend it too. thanks.

  3. deletedsoul says:

    I love Budget Tracker, especially when saving for something particular. It keeps me from ever having to play the “race to the bank” game, so I am quite pleased with the product!!

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