SpyDefense is an great new free spyware application that makes it easy for beginners and complex for advanced users. Not to mention, the beautiful design that makes using the interface a joy. “SpyDefense utilizes our proprietary technologies to provide advanced spyware scanning, and removal quickly and precisely. Combining our unique scanning technology with user friendly controls and interface, provides a complete spyware software package for users of all skill levels.”

SpyDefense sounded great, so I have decided to give a a go. After using it, I fell in love with it. Here is a basic overview of what you get with this spyware application.

Above, I am currently in express mode, which is meant to be very easy for beginner users. Just how simple is it? So simple that I just click on “Scan” and the rest was performed automatically for me. Once it completes the scan, which only takes a few minutes, it will say that the scan has been completed and the basic results. Well… that was easy! It then has a link directing to the Advanced area. The advanced area is really slick.

The advanced mode of SpyDefense is still not hard to use, but it provides a lot in means of customizing and other complex options of that sort. You have the ability to change file sizes checked, what folders to look through, scan all user profiles at once, cleaning and removing options, and a nice scheduling area to tell it when to run.

Lets now go to the main advanced area. You will see an overview of the last run that you have made. I luckily had zero return, but my first scan did say two. You may now be asking, but how about viewing your history of scans? Ok, simple (see a pattern?). In the screenshot above, you see that I am over the link, “Last scan results.” Click that and you will then be shown a listing of your previous scans. You can remove them all, remove each individually, and view the details of the scan. Next, you will want to click on, “Scan Details.” It will then bring up the results in a new browser window. I thought this is a great way of presenting the history. You will see something similar to what you see below:

Nice clean web-based overview page with a basic overview of the files found and what has been done to them. Excellent. I am really happy with the application. It seems to work great, is very easy but complex at the same time, looks pretty, and it is everything that I need. Oh, did I mention that it is also free? Yes, that too. It’s free.

View SpyDefense – Simple for Beginners, Complex for Advanced Users. (via Genbeta)

One Comment on “SpyDefense. Simple for Beginners, Complex for Advanced”

  1. kartooner says:

    Great program! One of the first things that stood out for me was that it’s uncluttered (unlike many spyware programs), which is important since it does one thing right: rid your computer of spyware.

    Now that I think of it, it kind of reminds me of Microsoft’s spyware program.