Slawesome is a really… awesome service that actually lets you record your voice without the need of software and send it to someone so they can hear you for free. You are given the spotlight for two minutes as you record yourself using a simple mic and Macromedia Flash. Registration is free and easy. You get an inbox, outbox, the ability to make your messages private or available for the public to hear, and you can send it to anyone that has an email address! Lets take a look, shall we?

What you see above is the main page of Slawesome. The page lists three of the last public messages that allows you to hear people speaking their minds. I tell you, I have heard some quiet good messages and a lot are really funny. That alone makes the service worthwhile for me! But, listening to the main page gives you an example of the quality that you can achieve through the service, which is great quality by the way. Of course, I would imagine your mic takes a big role in that as well. So, you may be asking how you record your message and let people hear it? To record, you want to go to the Compose page, just like an email service.

Above is the Compose page which allows you to record and send a message to someone. The process is very, very easy. Fill in an email address that you want to send to, a subject, and now you are ready to record. What is involved in recording? Simply, get your mic ready and click the red button and start talking! You have two minutes to speak your mind, which is more then enough for me. I love how easy it is. Many services make you download a client to record yourself. Slawesome is just a click and go. It’s quick, very easy, and it sounds great too! If you feel you couldn’t get everything out in your two minutes available, don’t worry, you still have an area that you can fill in notes. Once finished and happy with your recording, click send and your all done. Lets now head on over to the Outbox, which will allow you to view your message sent and to make messages public or not.

What you see above is just like a normal email service, your outbox. This page allows you to easily view all the messages that you have sent and allows you to listen to each of them. When you click on the title, you can view the more detailed page that includes the notes along with the recorded message. This is great and all, but you may be asking, “How do I let the public hear my message?” Simple. Just go to your message in the outbox and look under the column, “P:.” Under this column, you will either see one of two icons per message. A lock or a check mark. If you see a lock, this means that it is private. If you see a check mark, this means its public. To set one to public or private, simply click on the icon to switch it. That’s all to it folks.

Also, you may be wondering what your friend will receive in their email when you send them a message. Below is a copy of the email I have sent to myself so I can see. Just a simple message that will show your notes and then a link to your message. Gotta love the, “Dude!” in the beginning too!


I’m using to send you this message.

This is me, testing Slawesome. Slawesome is Awesome. At alpha stage, I am pretty impressed. Great work, indeed.

Click here to listen and reply to the audio part of the message:

That’s slawesome!

Brian Benzinger

That about covers it! Slawesome is pretty awesome and was created by three masterminds: Bavak Nivi (The man with the plan), Frederico Oliveira (Design and Development), and Dave Horner (Flash Developer). All of you have done an excellent job. I really like the outcome of it and hope to use it often when sending messages to my friends. The guys over at TechCrunch have also wrote about Slawesome, if you are on the look for more. Speaking of, Frederico Oliveira also writes at TechCrunch and worked on the development of Slawesome. Good work!

View Slawesome – Voice Email that’s awesome.

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