As I was enjoying my usual everyday browse through, I saw a link for an article by Alex Bosworth, from SourceLabs, that was called, “Ajax – Live Apps.” Of course, right off the bat my interest was struck by all three words in the title: Ajax, live, and apps. The article talks about how Ajax is turning web applications into real-time applications and that the old days was a big pain to do this. And then he gave his example of a ‘real-time’ web application. The example that he made was linked, “imagine if you could see the most popular links and most recent bookmarks live.

Wow, is this cool or what! Heres the run-down. SourceLabs LiveMarks is simple. On the left column, you have your popular results from so you are always up-to-date. This is great and all, but what is even better is the right column. In the right column, you have Live. Just open the page and watch the links show up in real-time. Too cool.

This is an example, remember, so don’t expect too much on the visual end. There are no tags, no usernames, and no way to post. But, you do get a run down of quality links from I easly just spent 30 minutes just viewing all the sites that are coming in every second or so. I had to stop my self just so I can post about this!

You know what else is great? You can view the source for Alex Bosworth’s example. You are given the HTML, JavaScript, and even the PHP used for the backend amd you can find it under the listing of popular links on the left column. Great work, Alex. I can stay on LiveMarks for hours!

View LiveMarks: Live by SourceLabs.

6 Comments on “LiveMarks: Live by SourceLabs”

  1. Alex Bosworth says:

    Hey thanks for checking it out. I made the LiveMarks demo just to show what I think is an interesting concept for how ajax applications will play out, but I actually use it every day to keep on top of top new links or just to relax and take a look of the stream of consciousness that is


  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Yeah, I am glad you decided to make this as your example! I can’t stop going to it! Again, great work :)

  3. Snarkmarket says:

    Another Peek Into the Mind of God

    Watch in realtime as people add bookmarks to (Via SolutionWatch.)…

  4. John Zeratsky says:

    Fascinating stuff! There’s been a lot of talk about (and a lot of action) using Ajax for data input and manipulation, but not much on the output side.

    Live updating pages and other interfaces that “update themselves” are cool, and very useful. I think we’ll see a lot more of this in the near future.

    (Keep your eyes on Chalk for a good example. I’ve seen it in action and it’s breathtaking.)

  5. Brian Benzinger says:

    It really is fascinating, John. It really is great to see something that is actually live and not involving plugins like Flash, Java, etc.

    Man, why did you have to mention Chalk! I am so anxious to see that! Can’t wait to get my eyes on it.

  6. John Zeratsky says:

    Sorry to bring up a sore subject, Brian :-)

    To me, one of the major (and crucial) differences between desktop and web apps is that desktop apps can update themselves to reflect some “live” source of data. It’s exciting to see this type of functionality make its way (albeit very slow) to the web.