A while back, I made a post about PhotoBlog solutions that included some of the best solutions for PhotoBlogs. One of the solutions was called, OneReaction. At that time, I thought it was great, but recently, Ryan has informed me that the next version of OneReaction has been released. My first impression was, “Wow.” The administration area was greatly improved, SendTo application is amazing, the backend was improved which produces better speed, and a lot of other great features. Looking at this project, you can really see the dedication that Ryan has put into the project. Great job. Now, here is a little overview of OneReaction.

The adminstration is a simple, easy on the eyes, and straight to the point interface. You can easily add, edit, and remove entries, categories, photos, comments, and links that you may want to include on your photoblog. It also now has a visitor tracking system built into the admin so you can get a basic look over who is visiting your photoblog. Another feature that I really like is that you can set “Date Visibility.” This is really cool. You ever want to make a few posts at once, but don’t want them all posted at once? Well, with Date Visibility, you can set them to post at specific times in the future! Perfect. The admin is a whole lot better and much of the backend has been improved. But, lets look more into the actual blog itself. Here is Ryan’s Personal PhotoBlog that you can see is using the latest version.

The themes look excellent at default, but you can easily change them if you wish. You have a nice and easy method of viewing archives, next and previous photo, comments, and overview. When viewing a seperate photographs page, you get details about the photo and the camera used (what you see above). It can provide the visitor with details such as camera type, exposure, shutter speed, focal length, etc.

If you do not like the blog just showing the most recent posts on the main page, you can use a new feature called, Gallery Mode. Enabling this option in the administration will actually turn your site into a gallery page instead that will list the categories on the main page. So, if your not into blogging and galleries are your thing, OneReaction is still for you!

One last feature that cannot be untold. What you see above is SendTo, an actual application built specifically for OneReaction. It is the desktop companion alternative for managing your photoblog, and believe me, this is really nice. “This application allows you to post to your OneReaction web site without having to log into your administrative interface through the browser. All of the options available to you when posting through the administrative interface are also available in SendTo with one exception: you can now queue and post multiple entries in one batch upload.” The application is available for Windows.

You can very easily manage the blog with this application and makes the experience a whole lot greater. OneReaction is an amazing photoblogging software, and I am shocked that it is free. OneReaction uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL for its backend, so make sure you have these before giving it a go. Ryan, once again, excellent job. You really improved OneReaction a great amount.

View OneReaction PhotoBlog Software.

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  2. Fath says:

    Hello. I’m quite interested in OneReaction Photoblog Software. Is it available for download? If yes, where can I get a copy for myself? There’s no download link on OneReaction website.

  3. Stuart says:

    This looks great. The link, however, just goes to a Logo. Is this actually available? If so, how can I get it?


  4. Josh says:

    I was able to download it from http://onereaction.net/Download.aspx

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    Hello together

    I can’t download the Photoblog Software at this link. How can I get it?