This is a solution for you PHP Programmers out there, including me. There is this new service called, phpLocator, that I think is just an excellent idea. I’m a programmer and unfortunately, I know of nobody that lives around me that knows more than HTML. I then came across phpLocator, which is dedicated to helping people like me find, well, people like me. It is a fairly new service, so not too many people are registered yet, but that is what Solution Watch is for. Lets get it noticed and PHP Programmers listed!

You may be asking what exactly the service does and how does it work? Well, it is actually very simple. You signup providing your location. When you login, it will then show if there are any programmers in the radius of 5 miles from your location. If there are no results, you can select anywhere from 10 to 1,000 miles from your location!

Not satisfied with just searching by distance? Then you can easily do a search by username and skills as well! When you signup, at the top of the page is a button that reads, “Add/Update Your Skills Now.” Click that and you will then be able to fill in the form and mark your skills and experience with them, like you see above. Now, people can find you when searching by skill.

I love the service and I love the concept. This is great for programmers that want to meet others and team up, just to hangout, or maybe you are an employer that is searching for someone that has some skills. This place would be great if you are an employer. Signup and then it is just a matter of seeing if anyone is in a close range from your location. I only get one person to show within a 50 mile radius, but it is a new service and I am willing to give it some time. Who knows, maybe I will find that one of you will be near me!

View phpLocator: Connecting Developers.

5 Comments on “phpLocator: Connecting Developers”

  1. kemie says:

    too bad it’s US-only. Would’ve been nice to see a more global selection.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Yeah, Kemie. I forgot to mention that in the post. I’ll send an email over to the creator… maybe there is room for expansion :) I would love to participate in the project if we could make it a global selection. Lets hope so! There are more people in my 50 mile radius now… it’s pretty exciting to see people appear as time goes by. The closest one so far is 29 miles away.. I believe.


  3. Brian Breslin says:

    too bad the site is down alltogether. now my curiosity is piqued but there is nothing to satiate it with…

  4. Dan Foley says:

    I currently have the source code for the project. Been meaning to start it backup, but before I do i want to really research if this is even a valuable idea worth doing.

    So far I see interest by 2 people. I’m a PHP programmer and yes it would be cool to know who’s aorund you… but what then? That’s what i’ve been asking myself for months?

    I’m only interesting in pursuing something that would be very useful.

    Any thought you might have would be great. Anyone for that matter. Feel free to contact me via the site.

  5. Terrence says:

    I know many people that would like this and could use it. Tho the game I am creation takes up a lot of my time, I would be willing to help out. MSN or Email me at