Fyuze is a neat service that gives you a personal information aggregator by including multiple services on one page. The project is in the line of personal homepages, but is also site for catching up on various subjects so you don’t have to. You have the ability to include seven big services into your pages: Flickr, indeed (job search), Technorati, Amazon, del.icio.us, Yahoo! News, and Upcoming. If that is not enough for you, you can even add RSS and Atom feeds of your choice to the page.

Above is an example page. You can see that the layout of choice for me is a three column layout. This does not have to be this way and can easily be changed to how you are comfortable. I feel the 3 column format makes it easier to read. The first column on my page is for indeed of PHP jobs in my area. The middle column is of Flickr with the tag, “abstract,” and provides me some inspiration. The last column is another indeed feed because I am trying to help a friend find a job for C++.

Now, when looking at my page, you can also see on the top there are tabs. This is where Fyuze really gets interesting. You can create your own tabs, have as many content blocks in it that you want, and even have a different layout format for it. So, if you really wanted to, you can create a tab specifically for news, another tab for your site, and another one for sites you read. It is your personal information aggregator. Do what you want! Below is a screenshot on how to add tabs and to show how easy it is!

The above will appear when you click on the “Edit this tab” button. You can see in the above you can easily change the main format of the page and choose a title for the tab. Also, below is where it gets even more interesting. You know the content blocks you inserted? Well, you can now position them where you choose, edit, or remove them. This is as easy as clicking a button. You are given four arrows to position it (up, down, left, right). Because of the up and down directions, you can easily place block on top or below a different content block so you have more room to work with. Below is a screenshot of the edit box:

Fyuze is great, easy, and allows you to really get into a easy to use personal environment to keep up on things. As of writing this post, I now have a tab for Flickr photos, Jobs with Indeed, and a tab with sites I read often. It is starting to make a pretty nice home.

View Fyuze, the personal aggregator.

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  1. Library clips says:

    Fyuze for news!

    Gee, these virtual desktops are becoming popular…Fyuze is another to add to the list (although this is focused on just feed content).
    It’s basically a place to see all your feeds displayed on a page, you can even discover feeds to add by…