I was in the mood for some good ‘ol poker playing fun today. So, I set out to search for some poker games that are available online, and I am glad I did. I went to SourceForge and searched for web-based poker. I came across a project called, “JavaScript Texas Hold ‘em Poker.” First reaction was, “JavaScript and Texas Hold ‘em! Awesome!” So now, I’m all excited and went right to the game. First things I should mention: It is using JavaScript with refreshing frames… I can deal with that as long as I get to play some poker. The design of it isn’t all the great, but hey… its poker! Last note, you do not play against real people, you play against bots at a five player table. Ok, lets get to it:

On the top are your bot opponents. Are they the best players? No, but they do play a good game and that’s all I want, a good game of poker. If you are learning the game, this is perfect for you. If you are good at the game, this is good too! Just play and have fun! Below the opponents, you are presented with the cards on the table at the time. And below that is your playing area. In your area, you get your cards on the left and your action choosing in the center. This is where you would choose if you call, fold, or raise. It will also tell you the pot size, what you need to do next, and when there is a winner, it will inform you there. To the right of this is the raise area. This allows you to easily select preset values to quickly raise the pot, or you can insert your own value. Lastly, to the right of this is an option to set the refresh rate of the game. I just leave it at default.

The game is great. Sure, it isn’t web standard, no use of AJAX, the design isn’t the best, but it sure does get the job done, and that is to play poker. I can now play poker at college when… I am waiting for my next class (cough).

I have tested the game and seems to work fine in Firefox (Windows and Mac), Internet Explorer 6, and Safari (A little buggy with design and cards show up all blurred).

And remember folks, this is Open Source (SourceForge Project Page). Maybe someone can learn something from this, help out the creator, or even build off of it to make another poker game… maybe with the use of AJAX, ay? Guess that’s it! Have fun playing poker!

View JavaScript Texas Hold ‘em Poker.

6 Comments on “JavaScript Poker, Texas Hold em Style.”

  1. Richard Dunlop-Walters says:

    That’s pretty cool, even if it looks horrible. Good for College though, I’ll probably make use of it myself – I love poker and play whenever possible – since I can’t use the online Poker clients at school.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Exactly, I tried playing it at college the other day and it worked fine! The only hard part now is not getting caught in the act, haha.

  3. Wulff Paul says:

    I try to make a prettier version of it.
    See it @ http://poker.qatesting.be

  4. Graham says:

    Try playing at gpokr.com
    It’s ajax and real people.

  5. smidly says:

    hmmmm…very interesting!
    Thanks google

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