Now this really impressed me. Technology is rapidly growing, Web 2.0 is taking off, and amazing projects are being built. Today, that amazing project I have come across is called, Meebo. Meebo is a project in the making by three folks that is to bring you access to your AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger account all in your browser and at one time. This AJAX powered beauty works great and I was very impressed with its functionality thus far. Multiple connections, away message notification, online and offline contact lists, message notification, it has the works.

Above is a screenshot of Meebo in action. On the left, a friendly news box appears with updates from the Meebo team. In the center is me having a conversation with a friend and on the right is the contact list that has your online and offline contacts (I have the offline contacts minimized by the way). As you can see, it looks just like your average Instant Message Client, which is awesome. Very nice and easy to use interface. You can resize, maximize, and minimize the windows. When someone is online or typing, you will see it in the message window. Also, something that I though was very neat was that if you are not in focus with Meebo (on a different website or tab), it will actually blink the title when someone messages you with their name flashing. That is a really great feature. Also, when in Meebo, when you get a message, the message window’s title bar will blink light shade to dark shade.

I’ve been using it for about 40 minutes now. Works excellent and I am very impressed with what the team has made. So, who is in the team? Seth, the Biz Guy, Elaine, the AJAX Girl, and Sandy, the Server Chick. Yes, those are their titles given on there about page. Cool, ay? You can find out more about them at their about page and their blog.

Team, amazing work! Any chance of getting Jabber in there? Keep up the great work.

Update: Seth (Biz Guy), from Meebo, has informed me that Meebo now has Jabber and Google Talk setup! The service worked excellent for me. I logged into AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk at one time and it worked perfectly. No problems at all. I am a happy user. Great work again Meebo!

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  1. Scotto says:

    why is this cooler than trillian? a genuine question… haven’t explored trillian much, but doesn’t that do all this plus irc?

  2. Richard Dunlop-Walters says:

    Meebo is fantastic. I read about this yesterday and it looked great, and worked great.

    Scotto: Trillian isn’t web-based and therefore breaking Web 2.0 boundaries.

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  4. Jrmi Joslin says:

    Abandonnez gaim et Trillian, voici Meebo

    Ca faisait longtemps que je cherchais une appli dans ce style, et a ma connaissance, il n’existait que msn Webmessenger, mais il ne me permet pas comme mon Gaim d’avoir tout mes IM dans la mme appli. Il manque toutefois Jabber…

  5. Steve says:

    How does this compare to GAIM?

  6. Brian Benzinger says:

    Hi Steve,

    GAIM is a client that you have to download and install onto your computer that allows you to use services such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Jabber, IRC, etc. But the amazing thing about Meebo is that it is entirely Web 2.0, being a Web Based service, accessible from anywhere as long as you can view the page.

    It does not have all the features of GAIM, but that is to be expected. It is alpha release and is web-based, and for what it has, I am very impressed. They are currently working on Jabber support and other features as well.

    Thanks for the comment Steve.

  7. Seth says:

    Hey Brian – I saw you posted on meebo’s forums that you were wanting us to release jabber functionality. We just pushed that tonight. Let us know if it works as you’d expect.


  8. Abhishek Goyal says:

    I tried it … its pretty neat, but i am not sure i would actually move to it. I think i would have preferred a thick client with multiple tabs and each tab be more like the UI of that messenger.

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    Webbasierter Messenger Meebo und Gtalkr

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  13. thijs says:

    were can i download it

  14. sandeep says:

    hi in my school meebo is blocked is there is any related sites which offers like meebo .if any one is there then please forward the address of the site.

  15. Raquel says:


  16. JaY CoRbEtT says:

    i wont to get 2 my msn space but the collage as blocked it is there ne other way how 2 get 2 it

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  18. nino says:

    our school blocked the meebo site is there anything you can do

  19. bob says:

    Ello Does anyone know of any website’s that i can go on to, to get e-messenger. Meebo has just been blocked & other websites :( wb

  20. Ajax says:

    meebo is restricten in my college so can any one let me suggest the site through which i can open the IM for yahoo only ,,even wap based yahoo is not working fine ….so please tell me if find the same one…i really need it …thanks a lot

  21. duck says:

    hi ya det

  22. duck says:

    how we gona tell carla to tlk like this?

  23. duck says:

    wb den u tinhead

  24. det says:

    dose any one no how to get your msn addys

  25. jamie says:

    iyaaaaaa nat u alryt wt u bein up 2

  26. Mimi says:

    Hi… My school block most msn-web based…. if ne1 knos msns web-based site could you please tell me and help me out and tell me thanks….
    u wud save my life if you kno ne….

  27. Rodrigo says:

    Hi… could you help me because the meeboo had been forbidden, do you know anoher site in order to be in contact trought the MSN or yahoo, thxs

  28. natalie says: it’s great, try it!

  29. gemma says:

    meebo has been blocked at my school 2. we use this messenger called im2, its quick 2 download and works same as msn. any1 got any other messenger sites then let me no. thanx

  30. rahul says:

    Similiarly whats the way for accessing yahoo mails indirectly.

  31. rahul says:

    Hi its really amazing to see meebo as that of yahooomessenger but with a different feel

  32. |x| ZoWiE |x| says:

    heyy peepz!!! xxx

  33. Emily says:


  34. Dany says:

    If you are blocked you can use or or, is almost the same, but there you can use also smileys and fun stuff!

  35. haylie says:

    do u know any other web based msn messengers? as meebo has been blocked along with everyother messenger i know of…. please email me with a new web based msn please.xoxx

  36. ritesh says:

    is there any site which allows webchat specially yahoo other than meebo…bcoz it is blocked in our college..

  37. Alix says:

    Our school sucks
    It has blocked everything
    Is there any other web based I can use works sometimes but I want one thats more reliable
    Any ideas?

  38. steven says:

    please can someone tell me a new meebo website
    i am so bored

  39. lyn says:

    My skool stinks it blocked sum meebo sites so if anyone nows any other sitesplease email me on

    luv lynne
    Go Go go

  40. siavash says:

    yahoo meseenger

  41. hisham says:

    ello everyone!!

    does ne1 kno any site where i can use ma msn id for chattin…
    actually.. in kollege many chattin sites r blocked..

    so..if ne1 can help me..:) all

  42. Shaniece Belle says:

    I need message Im. I lookimg for meebo block. I said need meebo line….

  43. Maria Rogers says:

    please talk to me okay?

  44. charlotte S says:

    meebo is boring is there any other websyts like it?
    u cant even change ya msn name on it coz im banned off msn so can u do sumthin to change ya name on it plzzzzzz ~thnx xxx

  45. Uknown says:

    To everyone: You probaly can access meebo by typing in url this is a web-based annonymous proxy service, which allows anyone to surf the internet that schools an work restrict.Once in, type blue in the box provided to access it. If this website doesnt work try

  46. pham the vuong says:

    chao buoi sang

  47. TM says:

    You guys rock for doing this. My dad just about blocked all the MSN servers on my computer =.=
    I LOVE YOU!! lol

  48. Sara says:

    u shud ban da teachers 4 blocking msn

  49. combi says:

    yapma tayfurr

  50. taylar gibson says:

    hey bbz this is well gdgd init bruv talk 2 u on msn luv ya xxxxxxxx

  51. fdsjhdstg says:

    try a ssl connection with meebo
    a little slower tho, i think

  52. Torre says:

    This meebo is blocked in my work…
    outher web based msn?

  53. steph says:

    omg sort it owt we wana chat

  54. shohaib says:

    meebo and e-messenger and every other messenger i know r blocked in our university plz tell me any other web based messenger for yahoo and msn plz mail me at

  55. houston says:

    does anybody knoe any websites that can bypass school filters! W/b asap

  56. vandana says:


  57. rocky says:

    how to break a proxy

  58. Ritesh Priyadarshi says:

    now you can have access to meebo using ip address use this ip address

    please note u can change the last two numbers ie 68 with any other number in between 68 to 125…

    believe me that really works….

    there is a similar site which has the ip address starting with

    you can also change the last number after dot with a mnumber in between 5 to 55..

    enjoy chatting………..

  59. Ritesh Priyadarshi says:

    so you have more options now……..

    use the combinations if anyone is blocked…

  60. Doug Scudder says:

    Hey here are some that i know but my school has already blocked them or and i have tried all of the ones above all blocked any more?

  61. yclee99 says:

    all block by uni..
    anyone can help me?

  62. laura says: this really works wth meebo,thanks Alix

  63. HolyCow says:

    dude, meebo is the best thing to ever happen on the web, but my dumb school has blocked it >_

  64. rogerio almeida says:

    quero entrar no orkut

  65. alice says:

    yay thanx for its great but is there an actual msn one you can get onto if msn has been blocked??

  66. rd2christ says:

    This interesting work of minds is really great….

    Dude please find a way how can we access meebo to bypass proxy server in our office

  67. kiran kumar B says:

    Yeah, its too cool. in our office yahoo, msn and meebo site is blocked but with help of IP address of meebo we are able to access any messenger. this is really works great. enjoy :-)

  68. mateen says:

    i was chating on yahoomessenger with the great website but my company they blocked this site i was unable to communicate with my newly married wife
    help me
    god will give you reward for this if you solve my problem or tell my other web site like meebo

  69. Rahul says:

    my school suksssss
    its blocked soo many proxy numbers
    can u please tell me some more numbers

  70. ashish says:

    use one another site is

    it also provide chat on yahoo..


  71. ashish says:

    use this link for yahoo messenger ..


  72. Zayn says:

    Practically every well known and used Web Messenger is blocked at my school, are there any out there which aren’t as well know (Like E-Messenger, Phonefox, MSN2Go, that work just as well?

  73. lizzie says:

    i got a knew address for meebo – http: this actually works everyone ok.

  74. ria says:

    hi meebo is blocked in my shool any way to get on to anything else that no one knows about so it wont get blocked

  75. becky lvz scott says:

    hey !! .. msn dnt wrk at scool der all bloked
    what web msn could i use?

  76. Lax says:

    Man Meboo is AWESOMEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … i m truly impressed with its features .. especially the smiley icons … The ADD USER and REMOVE USER icon r terrific .. really CREATIVE to use the + & – :)) Lolsss …. terrific work .. kep it up n all the best ..

  77. Lax says:

    Try this link dudesters in case ur yahoo is blocked .. it works fine from my company :)))
    .. .. just put his in ur IE address bar . n n joy :)

  78. Lax says:

    Hope my boss is nt readin all i write above :P:P Lolsssssssss

  79. Lax says:

    3 cheers to Meeebo … n hey these guys have a sense of humour .. check typin too many messages here .. :P:P lolssssssssssss 4 cheers now

  80. ronye says:

  81. louis says:

    hi ryan

  82. joann tran says:

    how can i get into meebo at a school computer? they have a blockweb sense and i can’t get through.

  83. joann tran says:

    thanks soo much, aim actually works now.. you guys are awesome

  84. flinty says:

    Is there any way to find out how long any contact of urs has been online throughout the day maybe like a log file of whoever signed in and signed out and at what time.Also to find if someone is hiding

  85. shahla says:


  86. shahla says:


  87. Eleni says:

    ummm.. the school has blocked meebo and e-messenger.. have no way of gettin onto msn.. any other sites you could suggest??

  88. Selver says:

    this is new msn address… No need to download and runs automatically. you need to register and set IM Bindings to use as msn messenger. You can use msn, Yahoo and AIM…



  89. john says:

    check out this site it works too.

  90. Hari says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me an IP address for accessing meebo? The one that is rarely used. Most of the URL’s are blocked in my office. Please disclose a rarely used IP address.


  91. paizz-khazan says:


  92. paizz-khazan says:

    khoby :D

  93. Zayn says:

    Still none work, practically everything has been filtered. =/

  94. bert says:

    make another meebo webste plz lol

  95. erwin says:

    i suggest to have a webcam feature also here in meebo… and also.. feature with chat rum.. same with yahoo….

  96. zoe says:

    none of the webs dat people ave left work i tried every single one of them and they are blocked please get some more num and try andblock games please thank you

  97. abhiraj says:

    here is not all facilities of same these 4 messengers like chatroom.

  98. douglas says:

    iyaaaaaaa evry 1 wuu2

  99. kiki says:

    you should make another site like this……

  100. Mina Siddiqui says:

    i also want to make my id

  101. Mina Siddiqui says:

    i also want to make friends

  102. Mina Siddiqui says:

    you should make another site like this……

    here is not all facilities of same these 4 messengers like chatroom.

  103. lexii says:

    evry page is blocked… ne other option?? or how 2 unblock dem

  104. hari says:

    hi to all,
    i saw this post its very good link and good info.

    In my office yahoo is blocked i tried some other alternatives also related uri to yahoo,but that is also blocked now.

    same like messanger is any othere web sites offering to check my yahoo mail.

    if any please give to my id.

    Thanks in advance

    is it any other alternative to check yahoo mail.

  105. !~* Sarah*P *~! says:

    hiya every one u ok thought id leave a message for every 1 to see lol hope u like it on here n if ya wanna chat just say love sarah xxxxx

  106. !~* Sarah*P *~! says:

    hiya every one u ok thought id leave a message for every 1 to see lol hope u like it on here n if ya wanna chat just say love sarah xxxxx i have put the wrong time on the first one lol

  107. *+*K.e.R.r.Y*+* says:

    hiyaa hope everyones orite. just fought ad put sumet lol. hiya sarah.P :P hehe. ina bit xxxxxxxx

  108. !~* Sarah*P *~! says:

    how can i get into meebo at a school computer? they have a blockweb sense and i can’t get through.

  109. !~* Sarah *~! says:

    hiya ppl

  110. frances says:

    my school has blocked everything and i really want a code for meebo and myspace! if you find one out please write back. x thnking you all

  111. Ryan says:

    This rocks I tried verticalimits and it worked…… this is sooooooo awsome

  112. digger says:

    [quote]my school has blocked everything and i really want a code for meebo and myspace! [/quote]

    Go to

  113. help is needed! says:

    hey, i need big help, i used to use but word got around school and it got into the top 10 most visited sites, the teachers cheak those every week and any un school related stuff gets blocked, so im back to square one, does any one have a site that works exactly like and uses same ports etc.

    thakns WB

  114. khoa says:

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  115. neeshy meeshy says:


  116. KHOA says:

    I fancy anna tu oh yeah & maria

  117. KHOA says:

    Personally i beleive this woman in here is hot

  118. Hacxx says:

    To bypass school/work/country restrictions visit the website is updated daily

  119. cristiano alves nogueira says:

    oi moxinha tudu bem esrou com xaudades
    bjxx …
    passa la depois!!!!!

  120. sumone says:

    how do u find another like bebo?

  121. ShOrTy says:

    Oh mi days… i cnt access ENI ov the addys 2 gt on2 meebo…nun ov thm r workin cuz my skls blokd um all…..PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ create a nu addy for us all 2 use…I’v tried ‘goowy’ http://www. n all ov da uva numba 1s n no hope what so eva…..PLZ HELP!!!!!

  122. vin says:

    how to get it..?

  123. göktu? says:

    ç?kartt???m?z her teze , rahats?z olanlar kesinlikle bir antitez bulur. biz de yeni bir yol arar?z amaca ula?abilmek için. (in?allah yard?mc? olabilmi?imdir.) bye bye…

  124. cory says:

    thanx guys

  125. cory says:

    hey i was gonna ask can any 1 give me a site or sum thing so i can download stuff?

  126. Isa says:

    my school blocked Meebo! :’(

  127. anja says:

    thank you, i can chat again, cuz, in my school, YM has been unblock

  128. JOHNNY inside says:

    My desperado friends!

    If you still can’t chat, feel free to use my website’s chat.

    Good Luck!

  129. cory says:

    if ur school has blocked meebo u can just type

    and if u dont want that site 2 b banned keep it on the low down…

  130. cory says:

    any 1 who wants 2 add me 2 their msn its

  131. cory says:

    does any 1 ever reply???…

  132. cory says:

    hey johnny inside ur chat rooms is good

    but 1 problem NO ONE IS THERE!!!

  133. maxx says:

    my friend Raman Kapoor wants to chat with his gf and not ablew to chat. can some 1 give me a link for chatting at yahoo msn..not the normal ones but something diff..

  134. cory says:

    um u can got 2 an if that dont work just go 2 google and type web based msn and go through all the sites till u find 1…

  135. pradeep says:


  136. robin says:


  137. aimee says:

    hiyaaa peeps does ne 1 no another website for msn becsause my shitty skool az blocked them all
    :( i av tryed loads but they dnt work so if ya no ne mur then put a comment on to mee thnx love ya all aimee XXXX

  138. patric says:

    Thanks for all the valubale suggestions in here.
    However none of them sem to work,
    can any one suggest some off beat site which no one knows and is not blocked where in i can chat using the meebo like interface ..
    will appreciate n y suggestion.
    Tc.. thnkx

  139. death_wish says:

    o.m.g this is so wiked

  140. steph says:

    hiya my addy is come an chat to me xxx

  141. siobhan says:

    [quote]how do u find another like bebo? [/quote]


  142. siobhan says:

    [quote]how do u find another like bebo? [/quote]


  143. Jessay! says:

    all those sites above have been filtered in my school! is there any others??

  144. Q-TIP says:


  145. Q-TIP says:

  146. Jessay says:

    Errrrrggghhhh, the f**king gaylords!! the have filtered that too!! errgghhhh, thanks anyways.

  147. hiren says:

    noooooo i must get on msn to log in

  148. ranga rao says:


    any one can say proxy site address to enter yahoo mail,as my mail services has been blocked… please help me.

  149. patric says:

    Hi , did not wrkd,
    thnkx ny waz ,…
    plz do keep on postin some thin ,, which runs , by passin all the securities,,, and firewalls n proxyies..

    ( can chat wid me ny time ny kind ,,,

  150. patric says:

    Ranga , u can try , and then u can try yur
    try it ,

  151. Divya says:

    I am not able to use meebo in my computer what is the problem i dont knw what should i do

  152. Billybob says:

    Neeed a new backroute through all the blockers on these computer systems!!! Has anyone got any good ones??

  153. Q-TIP says:

    how about that?

  154. billybob says:

    yes! that works

  155. Charlene says:

    Gah! none of the above seem to work on this computer! urrmmm, why does this school filter everything? its sooo annoying!! there must be a way to unfilter sites at school, without being a part of admin!! erggghhhhh! any suggestions?

  156. Marion says:

    Got any ways to get to lycos mail????

  157. joly says:

  158. zap says:

    try this
    & on middle of this website you’ll find a space to type type the website you wanna go dont be shy in typing that websites name in https:// as well..( hehe) well to add some more on bottom of this website you’ll find 3 more links like this to speed up the banwidth & again on bottom of that new website you’ll find some isn’t it..!

  159. zap says:

    could’nt find anything else like meebo but died searchin & burnt its pro-lient server processors…I think the web designer peple hu created meebo need sum time..!

  160. leah says:

    my school has blocked every msn website ever… i need to find away so i can talk to all my friends and parents….plz help me urgent…

  161. Lana says:

    YES! Thanx soooooooooo much guys! Most of these were’nt even blockeed yet!

  162. susan says:

    My school has also filtered every web based messengers! is there any others we need to know???
    Write back!

  163. dcm001 says:

    Sexy Saxophone

  164. dcm001 says:

    sexy saxophone

  165. laci says:

    how can i add people

  166. lola says:

  167. Tatty says:

    My site has blocked everything from MSN Messenger, to Bebo, to Myspace, to Meebo, etc etc. I have been searching for hours, no days to try and find a site that is not blocked or a way of getting past it and the best one I have found that works is This is because it uses a slower connection but works just the same!
    School may have thought they had beaten me but not for long! Mwahaha!

  168. José Antonio says:

    this is an excellent site and you can trust that you´ll enter to messenger:

    This site is not blocked also in the companies that block

    But here is other sites that you can use:


    My e-mail is

    Try also:

  169. cory says:

    is there any good chat sites u can use at school that u dont have 2 add any 1?

  170. shanice says:

    u can try

  171. ranga says:

    Hi patric,

    Hey i am sorry for late reply… the url is working…good siggestion… keep in touch patric..

  172. ranga says:

    Hi patric,

    Hey i am sorry for late reply… the url is working…good suggestion… keep in touch patric..

  173. emmmmmmmmaaaaaaa says:


  174. Q-TIP says:

  175. siddu says:

    All the sites and proxies are blocked in my office.
    I tried all the above mentioned cases.
    Please let me know any new proxies with the help of which I can browse the internet

  176. nana says:

    d0es any0ne know how to get 0n myspace..? my sch00l has bl0cked just about everything i can think 0f.

  177. Help says:

    Is there a client which I can install on my comp to access MSN indirectly? Something like what the web-based clients do, but installed locally. GAIM cannot work as it accesses MSN servers directly I think.

  178. chevy muthafukin dude says:

    yeah iam newguy works but will be blocked shortly by the gustapo websense nazi ragime

  179. loz says:

    mke r teachers let us on meebo plz

  180. ali says:


  181. hacks says: unfilter anysite even games etc aparantly everi site

  182. CJ says:

    i need meebo….can anyone help me

  183. x-xlora-xeyah-x says:

    elooo lvs any fit lads ion eya

  184. thomas newsome says:

    my school has also blocked msn and im woundering how to get on the meebo the other msn on the internet

  185. Avani says:

    thanks for the website ave u got any others 1s coz in our skwl der r all blocked so plz email me at

  186. arnold says:

    i can not open in my office, it was block by our IT.

    somebody can help me..?

  187. Bal krishna paudel says:

    i like to easy chat through yahoo messenger

  188. bobby thomson says:

    Hey all.. i have tried all the links listed in this page.. no use .. no access.. would be greatful if anyone cud suggest one site like meebo where i can access my messengers. Thing is that once the usage increases, the site is checked for and then blocked.
    So pls do suggest if there is a work-around for this.
    Thanks a lot.

  189. x~subzie~x says:

    i need help to find meebo ……..

  190. x~subzie~x says:

    iz there a way to find meebo if it iz then tell me plzz thx
    wag 1!

  191. avani says:

    have u got any other website to get on meebo

  192. tracey and alice says:

    hello wots every 1 up to luv alice and tracey

  193. Clif says:

    Hi buddies, appreciate you all can help to find me a URL which can connect to MEEBO. I have been trying the URLs that mentioned in the forum but cannot access. My company has blocked all the sites.

    I do hope that some genius could help me on this as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  194. huan says:

  195. raja says:

    Kool IM is a very cool app.

  196. liza says:

    tq with the usefull for help me connect to meebo.

  197. ggh says:

    go to
    Download real tunnel, install it on your pc and you can run MSN messenger as usual.

  198. Rose says:

    None of the above links gives me access to chat or email. Please suggest some thing else.

  199. LaNGGA says:

    OI none of the sites work for skool i h8 theses skool web based bloks i need to use 1n plz find 1n that it wnt trak ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  200. David Gyaqs says:

    Cant use meebo for a while, thot it was only me, but just noticed I aint alone in this. Meebo, what you doing about this

  201. ajay says:

    I want to use YM but i can’t install YM on my office pc. Also meebo site is blocked. Is there any other websites like meebo which I can access to use YM.

  202. deeptanshu says:

    hii …………my skool has blocked almost every site used for chattin ………cn u help me with any other site??
    plz mail me at

  203. shailaja says:

    I want to use YM but i can’t install YM on my office pc. Also meebo site is blocked. Is there any other websites like meebo which I can access to use YM.

  204. duke says:

  205. Jeff says:

    try, very nice and simple.

  206. Jeff says:

    koolim works better than meebo in my opinion.

  207. Jeff says:

    do not visit, seems like a ads site for porn.

  208. Thiago says:

    Gostaria de saber qual o ip desse site da

  209. duke says:

    Is never gonna be porn on dude.

    Hey jeff…r u who I think you are?…:) blink…

  210. dave says:

    Unless they piss you off,he?

  211. Eva says:

  212. shri says:

    can anyone help me?? i am not able to check my yahoo mails in office. My Boss blocked the mail service. Is there any other option to check my emails????

    Plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  213. Jeff says:

    I strongly recommended the website, all the messages are encrypted with https so network administrator will not be able to watch what you are chatting. And because of that, my school does not block it so far. Looks like they will provide email access in future based on their forum.

  214. tellytubby_chick says:

    Hey guys!! So i am a random but i go to a really, really retared school where they think that blocking Meebo and MSN is benificial. So maybe they do it for homework perposes but we never get to use it…even boarders after school and even on weekends!!! I need someone to reply to me ASAP with shortcuts to meebo!!! I will try all suggestions. If i dont find a way to talk to ppl soon me and my best friend will go NUTS!!!! PlZ help us!!! ANY 1 WITH A SUGGESTION WILL BE THANKED!!! :)!! HELP US!!! :) :) :-)!! PLZZZZZZZZ

  215. dedro says:

  216. pavan says:

    Hi friends… So many guys are providing proxies for the messengers but nobody is providing information regarding proxies for yahoomails.I know one website U can use this site for retrieving your mails from yahoo and msn. I want to know whether there are still any websites working just like maktoob.
    Waiting 4 ur reply…….

  217. duke says:

    You shoul try

    E-buddy and ebuddy are the new e-messenger (beta)


  218. alana says:

    does anyone know how to check email on hotmail at school?? please reply back soon as i need to check my email!!

  219. sourav says:

    the alternatives provided for meebo here is ultimate.. it really works…. thanks a ton…….

  220. luvindeco20 says:

    my school has blocked all msn related messengers, messenger fx, ebuddy, meebo, iloveim and we can’t find anymore however girls are saying that there is a way to go to messenger and yet the servers don’t relise what your on anyone know please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. adam says:

  222. karicherla jagdeesh says:

    HI buddies.I have created this for all u people enthusiastic to have a yahoo chat from behind ur school/corporate firewallz.

    Works well (naaa guarantee undhi chudandi)

    Jagdeesh karicherla.

  223. Roma says: – web-client for IM (internet messaging) networks: ICQ, MSN and GTalk.

  224. SmartWhiz says:

    is there any proxy other than that can give me access to gmail accounts?

  225. vishnu says:

    hi jagdeesh…great wrk men

    hey y dont u do for n also..same as u done link for meebo…

    iam thankful 2 u ..if do dat also…

    even iam from andhra boss…

    enka enti

    rply kosam wait chesthanu …


  226. Smartwhiz says:

    kproxy.. like proxy which can access gmail accounts

  227. Deb says:

    my office have bloced gmail as well as gmail with https

    All proxies that I know are also blocked such as “birdflyfast” “kproxy” “heshan18″ “proxyweb”

    Does anyone know how can I access gmail.

  228. jagdeesh says:

    Thanks vishnu for ur response.
    kruthagnathalu .
    I will try and post for in 2 days

  229. mouli says:


  230. vineel says:

    how to open orkut without proxies

  231. spiffy says:

    hie…i need help plz.. i can go to the meebo page.. but whenever it loads…i get an “error on page” and i cant log into meebo!!! wht do i do??? plz help!! =(

  232. Vasan says:

    hi guys your imageless help is making us just stay connected with all of our buddies thru out the net world.
    Yes, I need a help from you guys that is been blocked in our office by our IT can anybody help me & my frnds out here to access it.
    Thks i trust someone will help me out… bye

  233. Prateek says:

    try -> is meebo -> -> is meebo -> many things here including meebo

  234. Jessica says:

    I think eBuddy is the best web-based messenger.
    They have 2 options: pop mode or tab mode. The tab mode is great at school/work: you have all conversations on a tab on just 1 window. So it won’t take much space and you can close it easily if your teacher comes over.
    Try: if the others link won’t work.

  235. Naing says:

    hello all……..
    in my country…gmail si blocked….so how to get to use gmail standard view…..pls give me advice ……..
    thanks you for your help….

  236. vishnu says:

    All the best jagadeesh


  237. adam says:

    hay girlz plz add me on msn

  238. veer says:

    orkut is blocked in my office somebody tell me the way to access orkut from my office

  239. laguna says:

    I love this site!!! Thank you very much! BTW, Guys how were u able to get the IP of MEEBO can u pls help me out? TNX!

  240. rahul sharma says:

    orkut is blocked in my college somebody tell me the way to access orkut from my college. tried some proxy sites to but unable to loged in

  241. haley says:

    plzzzzz could u give me a new web site for meebo i computer wont let me on the other web sites please i love your chat line and if you could do that for me couse its my birthday to day

  242. haley says:

    we all love meebo and we all would thank u ever so much please

  243. prasath says:


  244. JeSsI says:

    Hey This really should annoy u but i need a unfiltering for bebo please ! ???? xxxx

  245. Chirag Rabhadiya says:

    Please Somebody help me to open orkut inside a firwall, thank you in advance,

  246. madhan says:

    Am not able access like any mail server . i know meebo url.That is used for only for messager rathen than while checking email.
    is there any website like meebo

  247. satish chandra says:

    i have created an alternative site for meebo.
    In my office meebo is blocked so..i ahve to find an alternate site…
    i am from andhra(hyderabad) enjoy cheyendi andaru

  248. satish chandra says:

  249. harendra kumar arya says:

    i want to access my orkut,rediffmail,yahoo account.
    i have no idea to how to open them by proxy sites.
    plz send me list of proxy sites on

  250. kia says:

    hi my meebo is blocked to how do i unfiltrer all the things that are filtered

  251. julio says:

  252. webpodge says:

    Meebome – Adding Live Chat and more to your website…

    You probably already know Meebo as the AJAX driven, browser oriented, instant messenging application. But what you might not know is that they have launched an “alpha”, not a beta, version of a Meebome widget. The Meebo me widget allows any…

  253. rishabh says: has been blocked in our college and all proxy sites too.. but meebo is not banned…can i open somehow

  254. rishabh says: not opening in our college along with all proxy sites though we can access meebo can we some how open

  255. Narasimha says:

    In my college meebo is blocked, is there any alternate way to access meebo

  256. ranga says:

    Hi can i know any Proxy site to open yahoo my mails r blocked and KProxy site is also blocked

  257. Spaz says:

  258. q-tip ruler says:

  259. q-tip ruler says:

  260. Bharath says:

    Hi Jagdeesh and Satish chandra,I’m also frm Andhra.
    My office has blocked gmail and orkut.pls tell me a solution to access.

  261. q-tip ruler says:

  262. Spaz says:

  263. Spaz says:

  264. Spaz says:

  265. bhuvneshwar vyas says:

    my college blocked this site ho can i get it

  266. Spaz says:

  267. ankur says:

    Gmail and kproxy are blocked in my office.can anybody tell me how can i access gmail?

  268. anam says:

    yaa i like it too much for using blocked meebo account

  269. » Blog Archive » Meebo says:

    [...] Solution Watch (Sept. 15, 2005) [...]

  270. weezer says:

  271. bhaskar says:

    hi if mebo is blocked in ur office or school u people can access and

  272. @miz£e says:

    teachers in my skwl have blocked meebo codes and i reli wanna go on it do you have another way i can entre meebo please help !!!!!

  273. amie says:

    teachers have blocked meebo do u have a way tht i cn get on it xx

  274. Ray-Dolan says:

    Failte!bhi me i mo chonai i Ros Camian..bhi se go hiontach! leadranach an goraith maith agat!!!

  275. sam says:

    m trying 2 connect msn msenger from e-buddy but it says my username or password is incorrect .
    but i checked both several times it is all rite
    thn wat is d prob

  276. dilip says:

    actually when ever i type, i am getting agrey screen meebo as heading and small infomations like about, blog… thats all but i am not getting any logons yahoo,msn or rediff so pls help me with this problem

  277. Spaz says:

  278. kelly says:

    eloo ppl…my skwl has blocked msnmessengerfx, n meebo dnt reli wrk u get on then it disconnects if ya knw ne others then feel free 2 let me know !!! :):):):):) ;) thxs xxxx mwah xxxx

  279. chris says:

    anyone know how i can get on myspace has been blocked by my college???

  280. Paul says:

    My company blocked meebo hard… all the last ones are blocked. All the ones starting with http://216.XXX.XXX.XXX

    Any other idea??

  281. duke says:

    You all can try:

  282. none of these evenwork ther all wank says:

    load of shit it dont even work

  283. carlylee says:

    hello ppl myschool has blocked every msn website canu help me xxxxxx

  284. theking says:

    love me bitches and

    woreship god onsunday


  285. Rickie says:

    any body knows how to acces the gmail and yahoomail….

  286. nil says:

    youre website is to confusing try and make not as confusing next time and also not as much to read and also next time try and make your website easyia to read

  287. SAT33SH says:

    Hello der!!!
    Plz do help me get a site similar like meebo. I ‘ve tried verticalimits,e-buddy n e-messenger also but my sysstem admins have blocked them all. If u got d site then plz do mail 2
    HAve a gr8 day!!! 10x

  288. sharon_is_the_bitch says:

    please give me more details on the websites, because my school seems to block them and i have no access in contacting with family and friends…tell me about the websites here, for the sake of the nation…everyone needs them. by the way, i’m a very lonely girl, so if you want to talk some time, add me on…thanks, love you all, mwah* xoxoxoxoxo

  289. kas says:

    When I open this web (meebo), all of the components are not appear Gtalk, Yahoo! messenger etc. Java Script will be required but I enable Java, none will happen. please answer!

  290. ATLNIGKAZ says:

    sup nigkaz!!!… ya .. um u c our skoo cnt acces myspace websites… wen we try 2 get on it bloks us by websense… nd wen we try 2 find a proxy fo it … it bloks us agen by websense .. wat do i do..

  291. ~~Ana~~ says:

    hey heres a good website too its
    its almost like

  292. ~~Ana~~ says:

    oops …forgot to finish ma sentence….its almost like meebo…..

  293. Tricky Kidd says:

    add me if u want for a chat my msn is

  294. Custom Web Development says:

    pretty nice

  295. SKipper23 says:

    hi! Some of the IM’s in our office is kinda blocked and I’m running out of resources, meebo, e-buddy, imhaha, and koolim are now all blocked as well as friendster and yahoo. could you help me out some more of sites or IM sites and i can use to chat!?

    Thanks a million!

  296. jayajprakash says:

    I’m not able to access meeboo, with ur ips also. all r blocked, please let me know how to use meeboo.

  297. yahoo says:

    i want to chat using yahoo.i have many friends in yahoo msg. So in here not connect to Yahoo MSG. Pls, give me web can be chat yahoo on it. Help me!

  298. SUpriya says:

    Hey guys

    Please help me

    My office have blocked all the sites ofr chatting with a very smart fireball but we can login through the Kproxy to the sites like but we are nto getting the chat window even after clicking on the contacts added in the messanger !!!!!! please suggest thakx
    Please if any one know do mail me at

  299. Kalpesh says:

    My school blocks all nuts of meebo as given you by dears.
    Can any one help me to give the new link for meebo.


  300. bunty says:

    the is blocked in my college. there is surf control over there at server. tell me as soon as possible that how can i open it.

  301. riyaz says:

    No website is helping me to access the yahoo messenger. I have already tried with haha, meebo, kool im, e-messenger and many more. kindly send me the more websites through which i can access yahoo messenger

  302. Mirry says:

    does any1 no a site dat cud get me onto help plz!!!! thanx much lovage xxxxx

  303. Jane says:

    Man all these websites don’t work!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!

    if you guys get new websites e-mail me @!

    all meebo websites i tried didn’t work!

  304. deeptanshu says:

    plzz help
    my skool had blocked meebo…& its url’s
    plz help

  305. sonu says:

    I wanna know how to connect with rediff bol if its blocked by server. I need urgent need.

  306. Andy says:

    please anybody help me in running rediff bol messanger as it’s blocked in my office

  307. nani says:

    hi in my school meebo is blocked is there is any related sites which offers like meebo .if any one is there then please forward the address of the site.

    # 9. Raquel on Jan 11, 2006 at 9:12 am

  308. iqbal says:

    i want some people to get online !

  309. iqbal says:

    give me some email adderes of hotmail

  310. Ronnie says:

    hey guys if anyone of u guys know how to unblock msn messenger from the computers at school let me know ronnie243 @ h o t m a i l . c o m i did the spaces cause i dont know if this site doesnt let people put their address in ok so take out the spaces so peace ez out

  311. Chandra says:

    The plays is not displaying when I am trying to open the page. Says this site is blocked.

  312. phani says:

    Does anybody know a completely new url to access meebo. all the above discussed are blocked in my office. Forgot to mention, mail me at

  313. sarah says:

    hello this is try our meebo and chat to me plz and dont arge

  314. april n aimee says:

    hia bbz just trying it out hun x

  315. sarah says:

    oh my got like i cant believa that they blocket meeboi it sick like

  316. Rak says:

    its a very nice for evry body

  317. fafi says:

    plz help us to join meebo again.
    our work boss has blocks all ips we’r knowed .
    so plz help us..

    thx for u.

  318. amber says:

    hey people

  319. duke says:


    Sorry,double post…
    Admin,please delete my last post!


  320. Pradeep says:

    Hi tell me IP address of Yahoo mail. As my School is blocked

  321. H.H says:

    hii allll i hope to all is fine

    i cant open ( msn – – yahoo ) @ alot side in my work . alll is block :(

    plz any one help meeeeeeee

  322. H.H says:

    i use side write here & next day i find this site is block

  323. sam says:

    i cant receiv msg from my frnds vn i chat on msn msengr on ebuddy

  324. venkat says:

    No website is helping me to access the yahoo messenger. I have already tried with haha, meebo, kool im, e-messenger and many more. kindly send me the more websites through which i can access yahoo messenger

  325. scott says: luv scott to becky

  326. scott luv becky says:

    hi r there becky if u r add me on msn it is luv u becky

  327. emma says:

    plzzzzzz can u find a meebo thing for us cuz ours has been blog xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  328. Matt says:

    Does anyone know a site you can get onto besides Meebo or RadiusIM that has AIM? Thanks

  329. duke says:

    Probably one of the best proxy :


  330. kayz says:

    hi everyone

  331. JOHNNY inside says:

    Girls, guys… I posted a comment some months ago giving you the possibility to go and chat on my website.

    I have a very bad news now… the chat will be closed and the site will be used to post my Curriculum Vitae only.

    Please, excuse my decision but I was forced to do so.

    Really sorry :’(