Yesterday, I wrote a list about basic computer applications that I have installed on my new laptop. Today, I am going to tell you what I applications I have installed for the Tablet specifically. You know, the cool applications that are for drawing, notes, and fun stuff like that. Let me start by saying, it is very dificult finding applications for the Tablet at this time. I kept coming across the same thing over and over again while doing research. So, I am going to make a list of free applications that will hopefully be a good resource for you Tablet owners.

InkyBoard – This is a great whiteboard application that has a pen tool, highlighter, selection tool, and a really cool opacity feature so you can make the window transparent. As if you are drawing on the desktop.

DrawSWF – This is too cool. It isn’t really only meant for a tablet, but what you do is simply make a drawing. It will record your movement and then draw it back in animation for you! Think thats good? You can even save it as an SWF. Very fun. Note: You can use the online Java version, or your can download the Java application to run anytime on the computer.

PhraseExpress – Although this was not created specifically for a tablet, it has turned out very useful. Simply, the application will hold your commonly used statements, signatures, etc., and make it so its just point and click to add a block of text. This is great because I’m not too good at writing well on the tablet yet.

ArtRage – What I love about the tablet is that you can easily draw on a tablet just like any piece of paper. With ArtRage, you can make the most realistic paintings and drawings I have seen yet in an application. The paint is amazing is just amazing. Must have for tablet owners.

Microsoft PowerTools for Tablet PC – Honestly, I did not expect much from Microsoft, but really, they provide a great selection of miscellaneous applications for the tablet. Such as an art tool, a cool maze game, strange basketball game, and My Font Tool. My Font Tool is very very cool, in my opinion. In less then 5 minutes, I had drawn characters to create my own font, in my own hand writing, and even given the option to install and save it as a True Type font. So, if anyone wanted to know what my handwriting is like, drop me a line and I’ll send you my font!

Inkscape – Ah, the power of vector art. Now, if I have a logo or illustration in mind, I can simply draw it right into Inkscape and create a vector of it! Very cool.

Microsoft Experience Pack – Great collection of applications, for free, from Microsoft again. Includes the Tablet PC theme, Cool Blue, which looks rather spiffy on my laptop. Also has Ink Art, Ink Crossword puzzles, Ink Desktop to draw on the desktop, media tranfer, and Snipping Tool where you can select a portion of the desktop and draw notes on it and email/save them.

Microsoft Educational Pack – I know, more Microsoft applications. But seriously, these packs are awesome and amazingly free. You get an Equation Writer that will actual turn your writing into cleanly typed math equations. GoBinder Lite, which is a whole application to store daily notes, calendars, events and appointments. It is an all around great organizer for the Tablet. You also get a flash card application and Hexic Delux, which is a pretty interesting puzzle game.

Arcs of Fire – This is a neat game that you have the goal of shooting the enemy tank on the other side. You probably have played this kind of game where you usually put the angle and velocity to shoot out of the cannon. Well, with this one, the faster you draw through your box, the higher the velocity, and the angle depends on the angle that you draw when setting the velocity.

That about does it for my list. If you know of any that you would like to add, please do and I will gladly list them and credit you. So far, ArtRage has proven to be a blast and in my opinion is the best in the selection (personal opinion). I have had a lot of fun with it and I noticed that many others do as well. Hope some of you visiting Solution Watch are Tablet users and liked the little roundup. Enjoy!

6 Comments on “Free Tablet PC Application Roundup”

  1. kartooner says:

    Great list here. While I don’t have a TabletPC, I do own a Wacom 6×8 Tablet and have been on the look out for handy apps such as these.

    However, I wonder, why noone has cornered the market with Wacom and/or Tablet PC games? I’ve seen a few here and there, but I think it’d be a fun market to experiment with.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    I totally agree with you on the gaming. Believe me, I search for hours and the closest that I got was that Arcs of Fire game.

    Microsoft did say there were making a development kit for games on Tablet PC’s… Microsoft Looks to Broaden Tablet PC Appeal with Games.

    I haven’t seen anything new about that yet, and as you can see, that article is from 2004.. so.. yeah.

    Kartooner, if you do happen to come across something one of these days, let me know! I am always dying for a fun game with drawing! :)


  3. arash derakheshan says:

    hi,i amseeking atablet pc even stock if you know is my mail .

  4. clueless says:

    I just got a Wacom 4X5 and I just download Inkyboard, the shareware you recommended. It ask me to install .Net Framework 1.1 and I did. Now I am get this message, “Common Language Runtime Debugging Services”. Did you get this error too and how did you fix it?


  5. Johnathan says:

    A free drawing application. The paint brush tool is pressure sensitive.

  6. Johnathan says: