I am now a proud owner of a new Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PC. I have had it for about two days now and have uninstalled about 30 applications that Toshiba has already kindly (sarcasm) setup on my computer. This laptop is meant for personal use, working, researching, college, pretty much everything. Most of these are must haves on my list and I am sure they are for most of you as well. Sorry if they are a little redundant. Stay tuned though for my next post which will be about software for the Tablet itself.

So, what have I installed?

CCleanerReview – This is the first application I installed so I can easily remove all those applications and system try icons that Toshiba likes to install by default. Simple, fast, and has the goods to get the job done right.

Firefox – This one is a given. Don’t think I need to expain this one.

Zone Alarm – I have been using Zone Alarm as my firewall for a good time now and couldn’t be happier with it.

AVG Free Edition – Excellent free anti-virus software from AVG. Always updating the database of viruses and an all around great anti-virus application.

iTunes 5.0 – Although I do not have any music on my computer at this time, I installed it so I can connect to my brothers shared iTunes Playlist. The beauty of sharing, have to love it.

qTrayReview – I said it then, and I will say it now. qTray is still my absolute favorite launch tool. I use it probably 100 times a day and have been using it ever since I installed it. This is a must have in my list.

Google Talk – I needed some form of communication. This is very lightweight, works excellent, has calling, and its made by Google. What more could I want!

Trillian – Okay, maybe I did need more than Google Talk. I use this for family, friends, and work, so this is also a must have on my list. I have the Pro version as well, so I might as well use it! Have been using this for a long time and has a large range of features.

Thunderbird – This is a very easy to use Email Client created by Mozilla. Supports multiple profiles too so I can easily have it setup for personal use and for work.

Zend Studio – My personal favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming PHP in. It has everything. Are there free alternatives? Yes, but this is my personal favorite and have never been happier with it. Projects, syntax highlighting, integrated PHP Manual, it has the works.

SmartFTP – The best FTP Client I have used yet, in my personal opinion. It just works out the best for my line of work. Multiple connections at once, easy drag and drop from local browser to FTP. Love it.

Moodysoft SPX Screen Capture – You ever wonder what application I use to take all my screenshots. Well, this is it. This does almost everything. The main reason why I use it is because right when I take a screenshot, I name it, and it then will FTP Transfer it directly to my images folder for Solution Watch. Perfect for my needs! And if I need to do formatting, I can send it to an editor or use SPX built in effects.

TinySpellReview – Spell checking made easy. There is an icon in the sytem tray. Spell something wrong, you get a beep. Click the icon and it will give you the correct spelling. Easy, small, perfect for me.

7-ZipReview – Great Archive application. Small, fast, right to the point. I usually just use the default Microsoft Archive tool, but I need to open Tar files and whatnot, so I am using this now.

Spybot – This is the spyware application that I use on my home computer and now on my laptop. It seems to work well for me. Lou has also suggested Ad-Aware if you’d rather take a gander at that. I think I am going to try this one out on the laptop instead and then compare the two computers over time. See what one I like more.

These applications are great and all, but what about applications for the Tablet?

I have searched near and far and have found a lot of great software for my Tablet PC. This post is very lengthly as is, so I decided to make software for my tablet the next post here at Solution Watch. Stay tuned for that!

7 Comments on “I got my new laptop. What did I install?”

  1. lou says:

    pretty sweet…

    your list looks alot like mine..I recently got an HP laptop,and spent hours uninstalling the spam.. but hey.. where’s the Ad-Aware??? ;)

    Fully agree on SmartFTP, but I must admit, on “big” uploads it tends to skip a few files once in while, does that ever happen to you?

  2. Richard Dunlop-Walters says:

    CCleaner is a must have. Your list looks quite similar to what mine would have looked like a year ago, but I’ve switched it up a little sice then, and I extend thse recommendations to ou:

    For FTP I use Filezilla. SmartFTP is great, but it’s far too bloated. FXP for the bigger FTP jobs.

    For firewall, I use Sygate now rather than ZoneAlarm. I’m not sure why I prefer it, it just seems nicer to me.

    And I dumped Trillian a long time ago in favour of Miranda IM. Trillian was always too bloated, particularly with the recent new version, and I’m a minimalism freak. So Miranda is perfect for me, it’s tiny, unobtrusive and simple. Perfection in an IM client.

    I use WinRAR for archive jobs, I have no readon for preferring it over 7-Zip – which is great – other than just preferring it.

    I’ve never tried SXP, though I will after reading what you said about the direct FTP functionality, but I’ve always preferred IrfanView for screenshot taking and image viewing. It’s ncie and lightweight, and the Capture function is great for screenshotting – just set a keyboard shortcut, and whenever you press, it will take the screenshot of either the whole desktop, or just the active window, and save it to the pre-defined location.

    TinySpell is a new one on me, I’ll definitely have to give that a try – I’m anal about spelling and I hate it when I make mistakes (I’ve probably made a lot here, it’s late, heh).

  3. Brian Benzinger says:

    Lou – Thanks for noticing that I missed the Spyware app! I have updated the post. I do not use Ad-Aware, but as I send in the update, I’m going to give that a try and see how I like it over Spybot. Thanks for the comment, and love your work on Netcocktail, btw.

    Richard, wow. That is a great comment :) Receiving a review of my review. Very cool. Thanks! And yes, I love SXP. Sometimes, I wonder if the quality is a little off, but it could be me. Otherwise, I would not want it any other way. Very easy. Love it. And its not too pricey either! I have also noticed the clunkyness with Trillian, but as you are with WinRAR, its preference and what I am used to, I suppose.

    Thanks guys!

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  5. Sumeet says:

    If you’re into unobtrusive and intuitive IM clients, you might like Gaim. It’s my client of choice, and PC Magazine had nothing but good things to say about it – even when comparing against Trillian.

  6. Brian Benzinger says:

    Cool. Thanks Sumeet. I have given it a look, but never actually used it. I will give it a go tonight and run it for the week. See how I like it. Thanks!

  7. Kevin Melillo says:

    I use GAIM also, and it does all the biggies… it can handle Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, and MSN. It also does Jabber in general if you need to use that. It is a very nice little minimalistic instant message application.

    I just thought I would mention Google Desktop, which is a great little file index tool, that allows you to do quick searches of basically anything on your computer.