Looks like we have a new gallery in town (well, the web). It is called, Netcocktail and so far, I am loving it. The website is all about showing great designed websites that have a good set of colors so it can help you understand color in Web Design and Graphic Design. For each featured website, you get four circles with colors from the websites color scheme. Each website is will get an area for “Swatch Info,” which is a description of the colors being used, and commenting, so people can comment on the website and colors being used. The creator of Netcocktail says, “This project is created to hopefully enlighten you and me get perspective on what works, by studying how others are using color to create vibrant, and attractive websites.”

I have gone through pretty much all of websites featured and all of them are great looking. This site is very useful for design inspiration and to help understand the use of colors more. Excellent job, Netcocktail. I will definitely be visiting this gallery often. I’m always in need of good inspiration. Also just a small note: not all of these websites are Web Standard. Just so you gurus out there know.

View Netcocktail: Get Color.

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