I have been looking for an application such as this for a good time now. It is called, Team Time and is available for Windows. Since Solution Watch started, I have met many people, and we sometimes schedule times to meet up and talk. This is sometimes very troublesome. Why? Because not everyone lives where I live and they could be in totally different time zones. Great, so now lets stick to the usual routine: You say to your friend, “Hey, where are you from?” Then you reply, “Oh, well.. what time is it over there?” Then you receive shock because they come to tell you there is a 5 hour difference in time. So this means, if you scheduled a meet for 5:00PM, then you have to actually be there at 12:00PM!

To help preventing this with future meetings, maybe you would like to try Team Time. What Team Time does is very simple. You create groups and you assign friends to these groups. For each friend you tell what time-zone they are in. When you look at your list of friends, you will see something similar to the following:

This is excellent. Next time I need to set a meeting with my buddy John up there, I can easily see what time it is where he lives so I can come up with a good time to meet.

I wish I knew about this earlier because Team Time really comes in handy. Now I know what time it is for most of my friends that I have met online. If you set me up on your list, you will see what ridiculous times I am up working on Solution Watch :)

View Team Time – Your friends local time.

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