This entry is directed to all you college students out there. There is a new service on the web that is a photo sharing service for college students so you can keep a thumb on all of your friends. You come across many people and sometimes it is hard to stay connected. You may not know who they are, where they are from, who their friends are, etc.. This is where Round of Shots comes in. No, this is not another Facebook or Myspace, this is for sharing photos and finding friends with them. You are able to say what you are studying and what residence hall your in, find photos of you and your friends, organize your photos, and find out who your friends are friends with by viewing their albums and they can see your friends.

What I like is that you can find all pictures that involve you and also find people that are from your college. This can help you find people that you have met at college and get connected again. If you don’t feel comfortable about people being able to view your photos, then you can control that. “Only allow your friends to view some photos, let your whole school view others, and let everyone view the rest.”

Above is an example of someones friend album. You can see all their friends in an organized page and view the friends of the persons friends. This can help you find people that you have met, but never got a chance to hang out with after that first meet. Plus, its always interesting just to see who is friends with who.

You can also freely browse all photos at Round of Shots as well. Going through the pages is a blast because you can see all these people at parties, see some drunk kids, crazy girls, and all these other entertaining pictures. Really shows you what the college life is like. Also, for you Webshots users. The creator has created an easy import for you so you can transfer all of your photos over to Round of Shots and start making friends faster. Just simply enter your username and password for the account and they will all go into your albums!

Round of Shots is a great project and love the fact that its focus is finding friends by photos. Makes it easier to find people you know and let others see who you know. Have any comments, suggestions, or questions? Let Round of Shots know! They are very supportive and immediately took action with a suggestion I gave to them. The service is fairly new and needs your help to make it the best it could be. Tell your friends about it and spread the word!

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