Two posts in a row about for you today. This one is more of a way to present your usage of with beautiful graphical visualizations and is called Revealicious. “Revealicious is a set of graphic visualisations for your account that allow you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them.” There are three flash visualizations for you to view your account with: SpaceNav, TagsCloud, and Grouper.

What you see above is an example of SpaceNav. “SpaceNav lets your explore your tags represented as an inifinite 2D space. It will enable you to discover the relations between your tags, as well as recognize different patterns characterstics of certain grops of tags.” Honestly, I get a little lost in this, so I just keep clicking and looking at the nice colors. Is that wrong?

This next one I can understand. It is called the TagsCloud. “TagsCloud is an interactive visualisation inspired from own tags cloud. It will enable you to have an overview of all your tags, and interactively determine the relations between them. What is special is that you can filter and re-arrange tags according to the number of posts that were tagged, and according to their connexion to the selected tags.” So, pretty much, click a tag and it will go into the little white strip on the bottom. Remove a tag by dragging it out. Once you get the tags in there, you can click on filter or search. Search is where it will return all the associated bookmarks (cool).

This one is called the Grouper. “Grouper is a visualisation similar to TagsCloud, excepted that all your tags are contained in groups. Groups allow to pack tags that match pre-defined or user-defined criteria, explicitely representing specific kind of relations between your tags.” Grouper is really handy because it will automatically group all of your tags into groups for you so you can easily see what is most used, commonly used, and what is least used out of your tags. You can even create your own groups by dragging a tag out into the open area. It will make a new box that you then click on the top of the icon located at the top right of the box, and it will then show all the related tags inside of that.

I suppose we can call Revealicious a suite of visualizations for Really cool. Great work to Sebastien Pierre, Olivier Zitvogel, and Yann Klis, whom all seem to have participated on creating this tool.

2 Comments on “Revealicious: Reveal the way you use”

  1. S├ębastien says:

    I can reassure you for SpaceNav: it’s totally right to wander, explore, and click everywhere, I also tend to click on anything and watch the discs move ;). SpaceNav is not really useful, but I hope it will give people an idea of how complex (and rich) relations between tags can be.
    Thanks a lot for your comments on Revealicious :)

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Hehe, awesome. No problem for the mention Sebastien. I’m going to try clicking around in SpaceNav some more now :) It definitely does show relations well. Great job.