A rumor is spreading that Del.icio.us may be releasing their own Toolbar! TechCrunch reports that two people have informed him about a suspicious looking comment in Fred Wilsons Del.icio.us bookmarks. The bookmark points to the VeryDelicious Toolbar for Mozilla and has the comment of, “what do we think of this one? i might try it out unless all this will be in our toolbar.” Don’t want to make any false conclusions, but it sure does sound like a possibility. If these rumors are all true? When will it be released, will it look similar to VeryDelicious?

Well, rumors are rumors. Lets hope for the best, a new del.icio.us toolbar. What do you all think about this?

Anyway, since this is a post about del.icio.us, I figured I would post about two toolbars that I am aware of: VeryDelicious and a Toolbar from the del.icio.us folks themselves.

VeryDelicious is a nice toolbar that allows you to easily select tags from a dropdown list to quickly add a bookmark to del.icio.us of the site that you are browsing. You can also select tags and click on the “Find del.icio.us” button to make a search. Quick and easy. This is a very easy to use toolbar, but it looks a little clunky in my Firefox.

I am assuming this del.icio.us toolbar created by del.icio.us themselves is more of a joke than a real toolbar. As you can see, it has some very nice icons to go with the 4 buttons that it has. You have the main button, del.icio.us, that is a dropdown to quicky go to the your bookmarks, your inbox, the popular page, or del.icio.us main. The “my bookmarks” button will simply bring you to your bookmark page. “remember this page” will allow you to post. And lastly, the “about this page” allows you to view all bookmarks that have been made for the page that you are looking at. That’s about it.

All I can say is, I hope we do get a new toolbar del.icio.us toolbar. :)

2 Comments on “Toolbar for Del.icio.us?”

  1. Library clips says:

    del.icio.us toolbar?

    Solution Watch points to 2 del.icio.us toolbars:
    VeryDelicious (Mozilla)
    del.icio.us toolbar (del.icio.us)…it is hoped this one will get more fancy.

  2. TechCrunch » Del.icio.us Toolbar Coming says:

    [...] us features coming soon. I’m under super double secret NDA on those. Update: Through Solution Watch, I now know that del.icio.us alread has a preliminary and rudimentary tool [...]