Do you need a job done? Don’t have anyone specific in mind or having a hard time finding someone filling the job? Maybe Jobazaar is a good service for you then. I was recently told about Jobazaar by Julian Bez and found it to be a great way to help people find someone to get their jobs done. He told me, “When your problem is, that something needs to be done, then try Jobazaar. Post all your jobs and see if someone can do them for you – free & easy.”

The service is perfect for computer related jobs but is really meant for anything at all, really. Looking through the listing of current jobs, there are some for Marketing, Design Services, Blogging Opportunities, Programming, etc.. It is a fairly new service, however, but certainly does have a lot of potential to make a big success.

Jobazaar also has a great range of features. Some of the top features include tagging, a folksonomy page to view all tags used, member profiles to show experience and other information, and the ability to keep up with a member by subscribing to their User RSS feed. Jobazaar looks like an excellent place to go to get anything done for you and it is great knowing that it is free! I have seen places like this in the past (but without tagging or feeds) and they would usually take a cut out of the finalized price so they get a services fee kind of deal. Annoying, so this is great. Website owners, want people to find your jobs easier? You should take advantage of the Job Syndication available at Jobazaar so you can include your job posts on your website! Great way to get them noticed.

Lastly, Jobazaar has an excellent designed interface that is very easy on the eyes and to work with. Nice, professional looking, blue, and Web Standard. What more could you want? Great work. Hope some of you can find Jobazaar of use to get your jobs done that have just been dying to get done.

View Jobazaar: New way of getting the job done! (Thanks Julian)

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