On a more serious note today, I am going to talk about Splog Reporter, an awesome service that was made to help reduce Blogs that spam. First, to clarify what “Splog” is: SPAM + BLOG = SPLOG. Now, back to the the service, Splog Reporter. You know when you make a search on a Blog Search engine, like IceRocket, and get all these results returned that end up being nothing but blogs that are spamming the web? Blogs that just clutter everything and have no reason to be accept for the benefit of the spam artist. Yeah, those annoying results. Its about time we do something about it before it gets too out of control and this is why Splog Reporter has been created.

Splog Reporter allows you to submit a website that is a spam blog and to get checked and hopefully removed by search engines. Just fill in the form with the website and your information to verify. Once submitted, you have helped out the blogosphere by trying to keep the content clean. I thank you if you do use this. I am sure you find it an annoyance as well.

For those of you that want a fast method, Splog Reporter has Extensions and a Bookmarklet available to make reporting easier. And Please, when using Splog Reporter, be serious and don’t report legit websites that aren’t spamming. Just the spammers :-) Thanks and hope you help clean the web!

View Splog Reporter: Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time.

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