Stereopsis has a great application that is called, vjpeg. It is a very small and lightweight image viewer that focuses on the image only, nothing else. Vjpeg is available for Windows and can open JPG, BMP, and GIF, and even PSD (Photoshop Document) files. I was really happy with just the image formats and just now as I was starting to write about the application, I noticed the PSD feature. That is really slick, so I gave it a try and it works perfectly. So here is what it is. When you open the image, it will open just the image and nothing else. No interface for viewing, nothing but the image. But now your saying, how am I supposed to view, rotate, and all of those other features that the basic viewer allow you to do? Shortcuts and Live Zooming functionality. First, take a look below so you can get a better idea of what it looks like. There is my folder of my photography (that I have taken, thank you) along with two photos open at different sizes.

Now, to use it is very easy, once you get the hang of it, and I personally don’t want an image viewer any other way now because this really helps you focus on the photo only. So, you have the ability to resize, rotate, fit-on-screen, close, rotation, send to email, and email photo to the size you have open on screen (or “bits” as the creator refers to them). Here are some of the controls that I use:

Left click-drag: resize, move
Right click: close the active picture
double-click: go 1:1 or fit on screen, whichever is smaller
Ctrl-Alt-Q: close all pictures!

e: email the original file
E: email the bits on the screen (good if you open a big file and want to compress it.)
a: auto-levels (cool! It will adjust the color levels automatically for you)
-> / r: rotate right
< - / R: rotate left

“Photoshop” commands:
ctrl-alt-0: 100%
ctrl +: next bigger size
ctrl -: next smaller size

The Live Zooming feature is what makes the application though. When you open a photo, it will come up in its full size. I will usually then double click on it so it will fit in the view and the use the zooming. To use the zooming, you simply drag the photo to the sides of your desktop, it will then stick the photo, and as you move the cursor, it will scale it. So, for instance, I open my photo and I then click and drag it to the left of my desktop. Once it hits the size, it will the “stick” and turn the cursor into the resizing cursor. As I move left and right, it will scale the photo. I can also easily bring it to the top and scale it that way too.

I have found vjpeg to be very easy and an extremely fast way of viewing photos. Just one more note: When you install it, it will replace your default image viewer (won’t change it for PSD’s though). If you don’t like this, you can change them back to your default, or uninstal the application if you wanted. I happen to love it and don’t wont to use anything different because you can really view photos that much easier.

Stereopsis vjpeg. See just the image.

4 Comments on “Stereopsis vjpeg. See just the image”

  1. Richard Dunlop-Walters says:

    I gave it a go, and it seems pretty handy – I’m a keyboard shortcuts over mouse clicks kinda guy as it is, and I have an irrational addiction to minimalism. So this is nigh on perfect. Could be an Irfan View beater, given time to get used it.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Yeah, I agree. I’m more of a keyboard shortcut kinda guy too and have been using vjpeg for a few days before I made the review of it so I can get a feel for it. After a day or two, I really began to love it. Works perfect for my needs.

  3. itsme says:

    PNG-Support is needed!

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