There is one thing in the world that I cannot have enough of: music. Unfortunately, I probably can’t find every band that is related to my interests that was ever made, but I know that I can at least get a great listing of bands with Liveplasma. “Liveplasma is a new way to broaden your cultural horizons according to your taste in music and movies.” Simply said, it is a music and movie discrovery tool.

With Liveplasma, you signup for a free account, search for a band or movie, and watch the results come up in a web like mapping (You can see this in the screenshot below). Each result will show around the Liveplasma map in circles and all can be clicked on to search even farther into the mapping and showing more related results. You also are given a music map, that you store your favorite bands, and a movie map that you can save your favorite movies in.

When you over a result and you will see two hearts appear, one being black, and the other red. When clicking the red heart, it will add the result to your favorites. When clicking a black heart, it will remove it from the list. When you finally get every band that you possibly can, or want help building it on, send it to a friend by clicking on the “Send this map to a Friend” button from the left panel. It will then send them a URL to your map so they can see your music selection and possibly help you find more results you would like.

Seems to be working great so far. I am coming across many familiar bands that I have been forgetting about and also bands that I have never heard of. My music list is starting to get big and my next trip to the mall is going to be expensive one!

View Liveplasma Music & Movie Discovery.

7 Comments on “Liveplasma Music & Movie Discovery”

  1. Brian P says:

    Doesn’t seem to work very well. The first three artists I put in didn’t show up (Paul Wrner, Syd, and The Connells). Maybe they are still working on their DB. I saw something just like this a while back, but I don’t remember where I saw it. It was a graph of connected music.


  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Oh =/ Yeah, I guess they don’t have that many yet then. Brought up results for my searches, but I guess they are more in the… popular range?

    Thanks for your input, Bryan.

  3. Ryan Brooks says:

    That is cool. Unlike Brian, I put in ‘Imperative Reaction’ which brought in a lot of synthpop and EBM bands that I like…

    Thanks for sharing, very cool indeed.

  4. Brian Benzinger says:

    Great, glad to hear it worked well for you, Ryan :). Haha, the comments go Brian, Brian, Ryan, Brian. Don’t really know why I found that funny, meh.

    Thanks for your comment, Ryan. I’m going to see what ‘Imperative Reaction’ sounds like now. Thanks!

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