Writely is a new service, currently in beta, that allows you to create Word Documents online and have the ability to let anyone view, edit, and even download the document. The documents are downloadable in Microsoft Word format or in an Zip file. The way that Writely works is simple. It uses a built in Word Processor that gives you the basic functionality of a normal Word Processor that you might have on your computer. The beauty about it being this way is that you can create a document anywhere without needing a computer application to make a document for you.

With Writely, you can also upload documents that are in the formats of MS-Word, HTML, Text, or an Image. You can even select text from a website and paste it in there if you wish. There are many scenarios that this can be useful. Yesterday at college, for some reason, Microsoft Word was a “restricted” application on the computer I was using. I was to download a Word Document from my teacher, answer some question, and then send it back. Unfortunately, I did not know of Writely at the time. But, if I did, I would be able to download the document, do what was needed, save it, and send it to my teacher. I’m sure you can think of other scenarios as well.

Writely isn’t only good for writing/uploading documents though. You can also share the documents turning any document into a collaborative project. Make an adjustment, save it, and it will record the history of the file. Then the shared users make some changes. When you view it later, you can also view the history. It will all areas that you have added or changed in the document by highlighting them in yellow. Everyone else, it will look normal. This way you can easily track your work.

If you use Writely enough, I am sure you can get a good amount of documents and start to get lost with them just building up in the list. Well, Writely covered that too. They have a built in document search and the option to set tags to a document or star them. You can star your important documents and tag them so you and your shared users can easily find them.

View Writely: The Web Word Processor.

10 Comments on “Writely: The Web Word Processor”

  1. Michael Arrington says:

    It’s a wiki! :-)

  2. TechCrunch says:

    Writely – Process Words with your browser

    Company: Writely
    Launched: August 2005
    Location: California
    Writely is an online word processor that was pointed out to me by Brian Benzinger at Solution Watch this evening. It is a very functional word processor with most of the bells an…

  3. Ezku says:

    Looks great. I often have to share documents between two places of work, so this should fit me nicely.

    The interface, it seems at first glance, could be a bit slicker – making it more an “application” by the use of Ajax would’ve suited the idea of a web word processor quite nicely, no?

  4. Ezku says:

    Oh, damn. It doesn’t support Opera. Well, I guess I’ll manage.

  5. Business Logs says:

    What I’d like to see from GTD sites

    For those of you not familiar with GTD sites, let me say this. A large percentage of the GTD sites out there are simply a Weblog with useful tips to help you GTD faster and more efficiently….

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  9. Roger Jennings says:

    Writely might be work for trivial word-processing but it doesn’t come close to making the grade for WYSIWYG blog editing. See http://oakleafblog.blogspot.com/2006/08/writely-beta-finally-opens-with-thud.html.

  10. Jigsaw hc says:

    I’ll have to give is another chance.