When I think of a search engine, I think of a website where I can go to simply enter some keywords and get results back of sources that relate to my keywords. When Jeteye thinks of search engines, they think about everything! You have your basic search with Google results, but then you also get the ability to signup and create a personalized areas called a Jetpaks (Below is a small screenshot of this) and for free. You can have as many Jetpak’s as you wish and can share them with anyone at any time. A Jetpak allows you to save any search result links you come across, save notes if you find something interesting or need to remember something, attach images, or even link to another Jetpak that someone else has made!

Now, you need to visualize the beauty of this is. It is like creating your own personalized mini website of information that you can easily keep private or share. Create a list of links, notes, images, and Jetpaks and have it very easily accessible with each Jetpak having its own permanent link. You can see an example of someones Blogging Jetpak below by clicking on the screenshot. When you enter the example, you will be presented with a listing of 26 links. Now, can you see the power that you have with a Jetpak? This could easily include images and notes for each link, or even more Jetpaks to make a subcategory type of a.. pak.

(Note: this will bring you to an example Jetpak)

Think that’s a lot? There is more. You also are given an Inbox and a Contact list. The Inbox allows you to receive a Jetpak from a friend or any Jeteye user. It is like an Email Inbox, but for a search engine. You also have your contact list. You contact list allows you to add Email Addresses and Jeteye users. When you have contacts, you can easily send your Jetpak or someone elses Jetpak to them!

Did I forget to mention that Jeteye uses AJAX as well? You will see the benefit of this when you make a search on Jeteye. On the top are a few Jetpaks that match your search and below this is a list of results from Google. Your results come up with checkboxes on the sides of every link or Jetpak that allows you to easily add to your Jetpak by clicking on the checkbox. You won’t use your spot either because it will update with the use of AJAX and let you know that it was added so you don’t loose your spot.

Now how about that for a search engine! This certainly will help out with saving information for research

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