FtpDropper is a neat FTP application that makes uploading as easy as possible with the use of dragging and dropping of files. What it does is simple. You create a shortcut on your computer (which I recommend using the desktop) for a FTP Connection. With the shortcut icon on your desktop, just take any file(s) from your system and drag them right on to the desktop icon! It will then upload them right to the FTP.

Above is a screenshot of the top of the FtpDropper application. To get this working, what you want to do is go to Connection and then choose, New Connection. You will then need to fill in the form on the bottom with your FTP information and when you are done, click on “Save Connection.” You will then see this connection appear in the list under “Connections” located at the top. Select the connection and click on “Connection” again, but this time you want to go over Create Shortcut and then select a location. I prefer to use Desktop so it is simpler to access. That is it, get dropping!

Now, you may be wondering what the Create General Shortcut is. Create General Shortuct is a great addition that will allow you to create a shortcut without having to have a connection selected. When you drag-n-drop a file on it, it will then ask you at that time what connection you wish to use. This makes it a whole lot easier to upload! So fast and simple.

FtpDropper is currently in beta and requires the .NET Framework for Windows. If you meet those requirements, you should be good to go.

View FtpDropper: Windows Drag & Drop FTP.

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