You know what I’ve been having trouble with lately? Scheduling. I used to have all the time in the world to just do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. But now, this is not the case because I have a job, college, and a blog. So when it comes to scheduling a meeting with someone, it is hard to just pick out the best available time for everyone. This is where services like Pointment comes in. Pointment, in beta, is a service that allows you to signup for free, make an event, and send invites to all of your colleagues to come up with the best time that everyone is available to meet. When everyone submits what time they prefer, you can then choose the time that works the best.

I like the idea and I can see it being very helpful for anyone in need of scheduling a meeting. I do, however, feel that the readability could be improved by making the text atleast a point larger and adding some padding. Other than that, it seemed to work out well.

When logged in, you can view an archive of your past scheduled meetings or add a new meeting. When you add a meeting, you fill in the email addresses, each seperated by a space, that invitations would be sent to. You then enter a description and choose the dates. Above is a screenshot of where you would add all the dates and times that you are available. You are able to add as many dates/times as you need by simply clicking on the “Add” link that is below the last date selection and then filling in the date and time with the form or the built in calendar as you see above. Once you finish those three simple steps, you are ready to wait for your colleagues to respond.

Cool service. Hopefully I will have to schedule a meeting soon so I can try this service out with more people. If you give it a run, let me know how it turned out!

View Pointment: The faster way to schedule meetings.

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  1. Peter Ebdon says:

    Another solution to try is agreeAdate. This is a high quality site allowing easy scheduling of conference calls across time zones, meetings, social events and even sports fixtures. Businesses can even upload their own logo to brand the reply page.

  2. Internet Website Design says: is in pre-beta right now. I think they are revamping the software with all the feedback from the beta launch.