This is probably the best looking Flickr tools I have seen yet that allow you to make cards and slideshows with their very simple to use flash interface. myKards has two creation tools on the main page to choose from: Static Card Creator and Slideshow Creator. The static card page is very simple. Once you are on the page, fill in either a Flickr user name or tag. It will then bring up a one row listing of photos. You can view more by clicking on the arrow on the right. I feel that that should have the photo choosing a little easier by maybe showing album names, if any, to choose from, or maybe an option to select a page number to skip through all the photos easier. Once you have your photo. You then will see the background color fade to the average color in the photo and then a tool panel on the top. First, choose the layout that you wish to use. You also can change the background, add text anywhere you want, draw with a brush, rotate, crop, and soon the ability to add clipart. Very easy, works very nicely.

The other option to choose is the slideshow creator. Now this is pretty slick. Just like with the card creator, search for a user or tag from Flickr. The search is on the bottom, by the way (took me a second to notice it because it almost looks like Firefox’s find on page, heh). You will then get a list of the photos. Bow, if you look at the bottom, you will see a box called, “Timeline.” Find the photos that you like and click and drag them down onto the timeline or select a photo and click add. This will create the order in which the photos will be presented. Great job there. When you are done with your timeline, go through the preferences box on the top right and send!

View myKards, Static Card and Slideshow Creation.

I am not sure if this is supposed to be seen yet or not because the link is not available on the main page, but it sure is very cool. This is an automatic album like slideshow creator. This is my favorite tool out of the selection. You go to the main page and fill in a user name. I went to Flickr Explore to try out some really nice looking photography with myFrame. Once you search the name, a list of available albums from the user will be listed. Choose an album, wait for the document to load, and enjoy the show:

(Note: clicking this will bring you to Paul Watson’s album)

The above photo in the slideshow is from the beautiful work of Paul Watson. Make sure to take a look at his work, excellent. If you love photography and want a great way to present it, this is it. The background color also fades with each picture to the average color in the photo to give it an amazingly great look. Love it.

View myFrame, Automatic Flickr Albums.

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