David Carrington of Branded Thoughts created a Drupal modification that allows you to make a Autocomplete search box for your Drupal website. As you type a search string it will process a list of possible matches that you can select with your mouse or keyboard. It also has a nice looking icon on the right of the text field that spins as its processing the results. Nice job David.

3 Comments on “Drupal Autocomplete with AJAX”

  1. kalyan says:

    Need complete process to implement autocomplete feature. with example code.


  2. nei says:

    How is possible limit the search??

    i.e: search only in a category selected.
    select country
    type city in a autocomplete textfield. the search will be only in selected country.

    thank you

  3. David says:

    is it possible with asp Jscript,
    Please send code

    with best regards