.kkreiger is a first-person shooter that is shockingly beautiful and only 96k. .kkreiger was created by .theproduct and was a contestant for a competition called, Breakpoint 2004. The developers worked very hard on getting the game with as much detail possible and to pack it all into only 96k. The game won at the Breakpoint 2004 competition.

Below is a small screenshot of what you are to expect. Now, brace yourself because it is hard to imagine a game looking like this at only 96k.

The games main graphical focus is the lighting, as you can see from the above screenshot. Your weapon uses light with every bullet so when you shoot, you can see a stream of light move with the bullet as it flies across the area. There are a good amount of weapons and if you wish to experience the beauty of the game, you must go all the way to the end. The last weapon is like a cannon with a ball as the bullet. The ball has a circular slit around it exposing the light trapped inside. As the bullet flies across, you can see how amazing this game really is. The enemies aren’t top of the line and seem to be just final additions to complete the beta. They do get harder as the game progresses and you will begin to notice what weapons to use for each enemy.

The game is certainly no Half-Life 2 or Doom, but at only 96k, you really can’t ask for better. The game is in beta and you must check the compatibility specs before playing. Have fun, you will be amazed.

View .kkrieger: 96k, and it looks like this!

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