This is the best font site I have yet to come across. It is called, Fontsmack. Fontsmack is the perfect resource for us Web Standard type folks that are dying to find a good font to use on our websites with the use of sIFR. I just recently came across it by noticing a link from Jonathan Snook, whom happens to be the creator and 9rules Network member! Here is what you get at Fontsmack. You are first presented with a tag cloud at the top of the page and the three latest fonts at the bottom. Now, there are two things that are different from your average font website here. First, the normal font site does not use tags to organize their font library, which I find to be very helpful. Sometimes, font sites just put the most random categories and it makes it hard to find something. With tags, it’s plain english, nice and easy. The second thing is that the fonts shown are dynamic and use sIFR. Try it yourself, go to one and select the text. Cool, huh?

Now, lets go to a font so you can get a better feel for Fontsmack. Lets go to, Alien League. When you enter, you will see the font and the download types below. You get your File name, size, and what version of sIFR, if any. If you click on the file, “Full Latin Character Set,” you will see that it brings you too an SWF file. Why? Because now you can simply go back, right click, and save the SWF to your computer and use it with sIFR. Save you the hassle of doing it yourself. Very cool. Below that, you can get other types, such as TrueType, PostScript, or other versions of the font.

That’s not all. On the same page, look at the top right where it says, “Customize Sample Text.” Fill in that text field with whatever text you want. When clicking, “update,” it will change the default message on the fonts to whatever you filled in! This is great because sometimes, fonts look a little different in SWF and this makes it very easy to see what it could look like.

Love this website. Great work, Jonathan. I will definitely be using your site for now on. You getting quiet a collection now too!

View Fontsmack – sIFR, TrueType, and Postscript fonts!

One Comment on “Fontsmack – sIFR, TrueType, and Postscript fonts!”

  1. Matthew Hartman says:

    Thanks for FontSmack, great resource.

    Especially love the feature where you can type the words you want and it updates all the fonts.

    Great stuff.