I can barely believe this, everything has been happening so fast these last few days. Paul Scrivens, has recently accepted Solution Watch to jump aboard the 9rules Network, how cool is that! So, first, I am going to say my thanks to some people and then write a review on what 9rules is for you, because after all, this is Solution Watch, not Thank You Watch.

First, the thank you.

As I have said, this last week has been the biggest week for Solution Watch yet. I was lucky to be the first mentioned on The Blog Herald, 100 Blogs in 100 Days. His mass amount of visitors scavenged my page, left nice comments, and was very supportive. Thanks, Duncan. Not much later, TechCrunch mentioned my Social Bookmarking List. This brought even more visitors. Because of this, the Social Bookmarking List was posted to Del.icio.us many times and quickly made it to the Del.icio.us Popular and Populicio.us pages which got Solution Watch even more noticed. Then, on top of that, Paul Scrivens dropped me an email inviting me into the 9rules Network! It has been a crazy week and I am still rubbing my eyes because I must be dreaming about all this hype going on. I owe a thank you to everyone who has supported Solution Watch, all my visitors, Del.icio.us users, and everyone else.

9rules Network

Now that the thank you has been made, I would like to give you a little information on the 9rules Network. 9rules is a network that focuses on one main thing, giving the visitors the best quality websites and to give best experience viewing the websites. The 9rules Network has a large variety of websites that cover just about anything that you can think of. The members of the network get something out of it too! The network members act as a strong community to reach out and help everyone in the network to get their blog standards to the best that it can. It brings traffic to your blogs by mentioning the latest posts on the 9rules website, and also gives the blog owner 100% control over their blog. The network also provides support on advertising if you wished to make some change out of your blogging.

It is an honor to be aboard the 9rules Network and I look forward to meeting everyone.

5 Comments on “9rules welcomes Solution Watch”

  1. Richard Dunlop-Walters says:

    Congratulations. I’ve been reading your blog a while now, and have always thought it would make a nice addition to 9rules.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks, Richard. I’m very excited to be accepted. You have a great blog by the way. Like your Media Tracker.

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  5. Internet Website Design says:

    Congratulations are in order – way to go Brian.