J-Learning is a new service, by J-Lab, that aims to helping those in need of skills to make community media projects. J-Learning is packed with 20 categories each with a good amount of articles that are some of the most helpful articles I have read. The 20 categories cover everything you need to know about planning, building, presenting, and even promoting your media. J-Learning’s website says, “It is designed to help individuals, civic groups and school groups jumpstart their own community media projects. It offers basic training in Web site creation, HTML, page design and use of photos, audio, video, animation, surveys and databases. It also offers tips on advertising, fundraising and e-commerce to help sustain these community efforts.”

J-Learning’s articles are very detailed and explain every spec of information that you may need to know about what you are reading. For example, lets look at the Audio category inside of “Present It!” Right when you enter the category you are presented with headlines that get straight to the point. You can see that they have articles to help you learn about recording the audio for the web, digitizing the audio, editing, and even an article on how to get it online. Now, lets see whats going on in the Digitizing Audio section. The article covers everything from defining digital audio, what qualities can be achieved, compressions, file types, even what software they suggest you use for editing audio. Their articles cover everything.

Everytime I go to the J-Learning website and open an article, I learn something new. As of this moment, I am reading the article, Forums and Feedback, and am finding it very helpful as a blogger because it is helping me find the best methods for communicating with my visitors. I am very interested in what my visitors want to see more on Solution Watch and as I am reading the article, I am jotting notes as to what could be some good features to add to the site.

Take a look at J-Learning, hope you learn something.

View J-Learning: How-to site for community journalism.

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    Community Journalism: J-Learning

    Many people still have no idea on what to do with the internet except browsing other people’s websites. The free to read service offered by J-Learning.com enables the reader to do the same as everyone seems to do in the new millennium: Being pre…

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    [...] n by Duncan Riley. Is it time to open your eyes and open yourself to the blogosphere? [via Solution Watch]