I was very pleased to find this application. It is called, Indy, and is available for Windows and Macintosh. Indy is an online radio that has a built in music discovery program, meaning that it will automatically find music of your liking for you. How is this possible? It is possible because of the users of Indy submit music and by your ratings you give the music. When a song appears, it will allow you to rate the song. If you give the song a high rating, it will then assume that the users that have that song will have more music of your liking and play what they have. The more ratings that you make, the better Indy can discover the music that you like.

(Note: the above screenshot is of the Windows Version. When viewing the website on a Macintosh, it will automatically show the information for Macintosh. When viewing on Windows, it will automatically show information for Windows.)

When you first start Indy up, it will ask you to click on the play button. When you click play, it will then receive a few songs that it assumes you may like. When its done loading, it will begin to play and you can go on your way. When you rate a song, it actually download the song to your hard drive in a folder called, “Indy Music.” If you do not want the songs, simple remove them from the folder.

I have been using it for about an hour now and it is starting to play music of my liking. You have to give it some time to get what you like to play. I’m going to be using it for a full week and if my assumptions are correct, it will only play what I like by that time because it will have a large amount of ratings from me.

There are a few features that I wish that Indy did have, such as the choice to select a genre of music so you can rate the songs in the genre that you like instead of every type of music. The interface is also a little too graphical in my opinion and I would have been happy with a more Windows like interface to it.

If you do not want to use an application for a custom radio, I highly recommend Yahoo! Music Engine.

View Indy – Custom Radio by Ratings.

2 Comments on “Indy – Custom Radio by Ratings”

  1. Brian P says:

    Sounds very much like iRate: http://irate.sourceforge.net


  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Awesome. Thanks for mentioning iRate, Brian. I am going to have to give that one a try now too :)